Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Prague conference: the micro-logistics of things to come?

BC -

Following up on Mr. Cheney’s business visit to Saudi Arabia the White House has sent a few representatives like this person who was a CIA theorist for a few years, to Prague, Czech republic to meet with the so-called ‘objectionists’ to the current government in Iraq - they consist of bizarre cargo studs of nouveaux Baathists, Takfiris-lenient, Saddamists, assorted gents from the two dominant sects! and politico-entrepreneurs – no Kurds so far and the list of names includes:

Mr. Khair Al Deen Haseeb

Dr. Saleh Al Mutlaq

Dr. Moufaq Al Samaraie

Mr. Sabah Al Shaher

Mr. Sarmid Abdul Kareem

Shiek Mohammed Al-Ghuzzei

Mr. Khlan Al Kaissy

Mr. Iyad Al Zamili

The common denominator of all participants is: Iran bust!

The meeting should work out the details of the Saudi financed operation in the western region, that would eventually push for a constitutional amendment to make way for toppling the current government (seen as pro Iran) through a ‘democratic’ process.

Security source says Mr. Al Maliki is quite unease with the upcoming event, of which Mr. Al Mutlaq, amongst others, has been working hard to see it materialized.

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