Tuesday, April 17, 2007


BC – Analysis:

The PM, Mr. Al Maliki has never been as close and tight-up to the Whitehouse as nowadays. Some say he is even more of a Washington man than Mr. Karzi of Afghanistan. But it all comes with a price!!

Since the reprieve that Mr. Al Malaki was granted by the occupiers’ authority since November of last year the political landscape of the invaded land has been transformed in every shape and color, which was well-observed and received! by the few political parties that eventually prompted the process of de-textualising the game-rules and the commencement of the sordid ‘black-mail politique’

The withdrawal of the Fhadila party from the ruling coalition (the Fhadila party is 80% Shiites ex-Baahtists; the ex-Baath party consisted of more than 50% Shiites like Mr. Alawi) was the first trace of smoke that was coming from behind the screen – the Plan Surge: the smokescreen of all battles!

And while the Iraqi independent Islamic resistance has been busily confronting the occupiers and the Saudi-financed terrorist Takifirs our PM has been forced into softening the debaathification law, the re-introduction of senior republican guards (mostly anti-Islamic resistance from the days of Saddam and after!), acceptance of senior ex-regime officials in the Interior Ministry and the National Guards and the avoidance of the ex-Baathist elements in the Iraqi secret service under the guardianship of the CIA.

Conversely, the rare shrewdness of Mr. Al Sadr; with some tips from his Iranian agents in Baghdad has helped him disappeared from and less fooled by the heat of the battle arena (he was in Nejef all his time) since Plan Surge was commenced, and he has been more focused on the political arena. Although he was lured into battle with the invaders in El Dewaniya and had been discredited for escaping into Iran, he has in fact outwitted the ill-fated Washington theorists regarding Al Sadr movement. He has even fooled the occupiers’ tanks into leisurely cruising Al Thawra city (Sadr). Today he follows suit of Fhadila party (his unparallel power party competitor and Alawi’s ally) and officially withdraws from the government. And by doing so he left the doors wide open for the inventible change.

Although the Iranian-backed death militias have been recently involved in the physical extermination of ex-Iraqi army officials it is deemed that’s been done to prevent the bridging of the Iraqi ex-regime with the invaders authority but on the expense of killing innocent Iraqis.

The eccentricity of some western media to finally speak out of the Iranian involvement in training of Shiites and now some Sunnis resistance is just a latent cry for the much needed blatant vision of Iraq, that’s to say: ‘No one does it better than a ex-Baathist’!!

Mr. El Dulaimi has been for more than a week contemplating to withdraw support for the government and to join Mr. Al-Mutlaq in a coalition front with that of Alawi’s, while Mr. Alawi is rigorously pushing for political alliance and has been preaching amongst the power elite in the GZ and his Oh la-la social scene in Jordan for a government change. As for Mr. Al Hakim and his little son they have been quite busy in crafting out the Southern Federal boundaries.

However, the question remains is whether Al-Dawa party is adamant about an irreversible change in Iraq’s future, or is it capable to adapt to the new realities after having settled scores with Saddam, and start turn the clock hands counter-clockwise? It’s a tough choice to make for surviving, but it’s a maddening choice of survival!!!

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