Friday, April 27, 2007

The Diyala Job


The Diyala job, which took the lives of several soldiers from Jaish El-Pentagon, is the work of what appears to be the first sign of cooperation between the Takfiris and the Iranian backed resistance.

A while ago a local reporter informed BC that there is in fact an existing channel in place, through which the Islamic state of Diyala is procuring weapons via a Kurdish connection from Iran to combat the invaders.

The Islamic state of Diyala – independent of the Saudi-financed terrorist Takfiris (those who car-bomb both the Shiites and Sunnis civilians in Iraq), is a mix of neocon hard-line Baathists (in direct cut-throat conflict with the recently recruited large number of invaders-backed Baathists) and home grown Takfiri resistance (Saddam’s past life-time enemies).

Diyala has literally been sect-cleansed 6 months ago. Also, the Kurds reside in the northern part of it.

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