Sunday, April 29, 2007

The young wife of Ba’shiqa

Al Tarrar -

The story of the horrific ethnographic killing of the woman of Ba’shiqa, which was inaccurately told by a popular Iraqi website, is one of the most damning examples of Iraq bleak future.

Ba’shiqa is a town situated between Dhuk and Mosul in northern Iraq and it is 100% inhabited by Yezidis (is a grafted religion of Zoroastrian, Manichaean, Jewish, Nestorian Christian and Islam)

During the Saddam era the Yezidis enjoyed total religious freedom to include practicing their own scared rituals and, also, the rights to taking up jobs in the rest of the communities.

A couple of months back a Yezidi young lady converted into Islam with the consent of her parents, to marry her Muslim lover. And later on she married him in Kurdistan, Iraq. The conversion of a Yezidi into any other religion is a punishable sin!

When the young husband was taking his wife back to her town, Ba’shiqa, they were stopped at a government military check point at the town border, and they were denied a permission to travel together because as the check point security told them: ‘Please spare us the headache of the Yezidis’ affairs!!!’

They let the wife to pass and ordered the husband to turn back. However, the wife was kept for three days at a police station pending the arrival of her parents to pick her up, but they parents were never informed!! Instead a mob of angry Yezidis turned up and rampaged into the station and drag her out into an open public place and tore her cloths off and crushed her to death.

The killing scene was filmed on mobile and was later sent across to people in Irbil and Mosul. BC yesterday received a copy of the devastating clip which shows the young wife’s head (she was bloody semi-naked) crushed to death with a concrete block by angry unmasked men, and BC refrains from showing it.

A few hours after the killing scene the parents were told about their daughter demise, which made them to angrily seek immediate revenge for the madness, and they informed the Mujahdeen of Mosul about the malicious killing of their Muslim daughter. The Mosul’s Mujahdeen (Baathists-Douri faction, Saudi (Cheney’s ally)-financed terrorist Takfiris, Islamic resistance and elements of the ex-CIA Afghan Takfiris) took the matter into their hands and retaliated by killing 11 Yezidi workers.

Years back matters as such were never blown out of proportion, and when such incident occurred the central authority would have intervened to resolve this delicate matter rather than ‘sparing the headache of the Yezidis’ affairs!’

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