Saturday, May 05, 2007

Jalil Ahmed Haboush


It was this man, Jalil Ahmed Haboush that tipped the Bush administration and the Pentagon Defense Intelligence Agency about the would-be operation room of Saddam Hussein and his aids on the eve of the war back in 2003 when the invading forces smart-bombed a specific place that claimed the lives of others but not that of Saddam Hussein.

Ahmed Haboush – native Tikrit, a Baathist and former Saddam’s head of intelligence with religious tendencies, had provided the US with details of 18 of Saddam’s secret hid-outs eight months prior to the invasion. Also, he passed on contact details of high ranked ex-republican guards who many of them received phone calls to their private homes a few weeks before the invasion, to talk them into not taking part in the fight against the invaders in return for future political power.

A few days after the fall of Baghdad Mr. Bush declared that he was pleased to have saved the one Iraqi man that had most helped the Pentagon with secret materials. It was Jalil Ahmed Haboush that Mr. Bush’s men had airlifted on a copter from Haboush’s home in Al-Amariya with his entire family and close relatives, and were immediately flown out Baghdad airport amongst others while the whole world were watching Saddam’s statue’s being pulled down at the Fordous square.

Jalil Ahmed Haboush - one of the closest aids of Saddam’s during the latter’s last three years rein, is deemed to first met with the Pentagon Defense Intelligence Agency in Amman, Jordan back in 1999 and it is believed that the invasion plan was underway since 1998! - an Iraqi who worked as a political consultant for one of the Gulf states told BC that two Gulf rulers knew about the invasion plan since that date!

It is not clear if Ahmed Haboush was in direct contact with the invaders during the invasion process but on April 8, 2003 an Iraqi accomplice briefed him of the rescue plan.

When Saddam appeared on Iraqi TV while was being cheered by a small crowed in the 14th Ramadan street in Baghdad two days before the fall of the capital, half an hour later the invaders maliciously ‘smart’-bombed a near-by house that took the lives of 13 innocent lives but not that of Saddam’s. In fact, the target was somewhat accurate as there was a pretty close hideout (near Al Sa’a restaurant) for the ex-president of Iraq and based on secret info previously furnished by Ahmed Haboush.

Haboush, 56, not quite a political savvy with a minor health problem, currently maintains a residence in Virginia, USA but he is a frequent flyer to Baghdad airport. His house in Al-Amariya area is quite an intrigue (on the corner junction of Union and Al-A’ml Al Sha’bi street). The occupiers had kept the house intact (including the furniture) under high security and until the area fell in the hands of the Islamic resistance – Mujahdeen in early 2006. Since then the house was turned into an immaculate Islamic Health Center to treat the wounded resistance, and the invaders have never approached that place again!!

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