Friday, August 03, 2007

Insurgency – Los Rambos

BC -

The invaders have finally managed to create the first pattern of insurgency (non-governmental organization – NOG!) based on most intricate and convoluted maze of tribal and ethnic interconnectivities, reminiscing of Saddam’s past time social ligature that stitched power hubs like flimsy beads.

The insurgents’ primary objective is to penetrate the Iraqi resistance cells and to exterminate its leaders, however, and as it may seem, they are anything but focused.

Case study is Al-Khadra area – north of Hai Al-Qudat (famous for Takfiri heaven). The invaders have scanned the entire area and literally broken every house-door searching for resistance and Takfiris. Entire neighborhoods were turned into open house over 2 days of ‘frisking’ under hovering copters. In the end the invaders pulled away and bizarre Rambo-style-ensemble dressed insurgents closed in and began to occupy houses in various areas to watch out for any possible Iraqi resistance activities. After half day of calmness a hell of fiery weapons descended onto Al Khadra area when a triangle of death between the Iraqi resistance, the Takfiris and the insurgents embossed itself resolutely.

After 24 hours of living hell, motley mobs of non-defined armed men – some say they’re Takfiris (Saudi Islamic state of Iraq) other talks about resistance, took control of the entire area, and began to empty the houses and later proclaimed the district officially clean of any infidels! and invaders.

One thing for sure, there were no sign of Los Ramobs left in the streets!!

Meanwhile, and on the other side of the capital the Iraqi engineer - head of engineering division for rebuilding El Sarafiya Bridge has been assassinated.

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