Saturday, August 18, 2007

And God said Let there be light… and only Shiite insurgents!!


As the Turks say ‘aman rubbi aman’ (exclamation for God wonders) when we review the invaders’ terminological equation since the dawn of the invasion.

First there were irregulars and terrorists; right after there were insurgents and a bit later on they turned into vile Saddamists-Sunni insurgents that lived in the triangle. As time went by there were El Sadr/death militias and simultaneously! Al Qaeda-link-(Saddmists). More recently we have vile Sunni-Saddamists insurgents turned into ‘national patriotic Sunni resistance’! to fight both Al Qaeda-link-(?) and the Shiite death militias who turned resistance!

Today, however, there are Shiite resistance (previously Shiite death militias) turned insurgents, and the patriotic national Sunni resistance turning into official Patriotic Army, lawfully protected!, to fight both Al Qaeda-link-(?), and the Shiite death militia, which turned resistance that turned insurgents.

So, in four years we have terrorists (irregulars) = insurgents = hateful Saddamists-Sunni insurgents = national patriotic Sunni resistance = official Patriotic Army; and El Sadrs/ Shiite death militias = resistance = insurgents!!! … E=MC²

’aman rubbi aman’!

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