Thursday, August 09, 2007

Invaders’ Insurgency widens to include the terrorist Takfiris (so-called Al Qaeda)!!

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As Baghdad gets hit by a curfew quake (The Khdamain march) through out this weekend, the Invaders widen their insurgency build up by recruiting more insurgent ranks, and their latest pick is the Janab tribe – the fiercest and one of the most vicious tribes pertaining existing Takfiri terrorists, just north of the Halla province.

More than 2 years ago the Janab tribes were life-long-sworn infidles' foes that had one main objective: busting the invaders. However, as the sectarian war officially commenced in early 2006 – thanks to the Saudi (Cheney’s allies) Takfiris, the Janabs momentarily shifted their priorities to yet another sole objective and that is breaking the thorn of the pro-Iranians in Iraq.

The Janab insurgents have been armed with American made advanced weapons to combat mainly the Shiite resistance in Halla.

The Janabs pledge of allegiance to the invaders rhymes to the American proverb “old habits are hard to break” as the invaders are once again creating safe heaven (Afghanistan 1980s) to the Takfiris to help fight a proxy war. Furthermore, and since their debut (the insurgent janabs) the unknown mutilated bodies found in the province streets have tripled.

Until such time and as objectives achieved there will be another Zarqawi killed in daring and heroic action in Halla, so the Iraqis could cheer their daft destiny for a few days!

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