Friday, June 06, 2008

Fissure: The Liberators Army

Fedayeen Petraeus (Sahwa’s Baathsits and ex-Qaeda) have confirmed that a medium-sized faction of Al Sahwa has split up and formed the Liberators Army, which according to a Sahwa spokesman of El Taji, it is an army that is made up of reborn Baathists and Saddamists!!

Since the American Junta in Iraq embraced a hand-picked Baathists and remnants of Al-Qaeda in 2006 to form Al Sahwa in order to counterweight the Shiite resistance, the Sahwa have been all along a precarious state of affairs due to its core nature. However, and as the head of the American military regime is due to depart, and the head of the invaders – Mr. Bush - time is up, the arena may appear to be wide open for more political opportunism in the months to come.

The invaders have already warned Al Maliki that the Armageddon ‘occupation alliance pact’ that is currently under negotiation with the invaders, will be used as a political tool by his enemies if not signed soon, which may further destabilize the fragile political apparatus of the green zone, however, the formation of the Baathists Liberators Army did not come in any better time to vindicate the invaders’ argument!!!

The head of the invaders seems utterly adamant to seal the occupation alliance pact prior to the official kicking-off of the American presidential campaign for 2008

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