Saturday, August 02, 2008

Don't come back, it’s far from over - if ever!


If there is one reason for the American regime to never succeed in Iraq it would be for adopting Saddam's modus operandi to stay in power. One high ranked employee in the green zone has informed us that the regime has guaranteed the Sahwa (Qaeda) a decisive role after the November elections, the Shiite and the Iranians a similar decisive role after the November elections (remember the hostages deal - 1979?!) and the Kurds for full fledged autonomy after the November elections, and none of the above can be achieved without eliminating one another – a way that Saddam had pioneered long before the screw-face Bush is trying to achieve for his republican party. And the issue here is not about democracy, it is about the death rate of the American Junta in Iraq.

The other day we had a call from a business man to meet in his offices to discuss a tender for supplies of industrial equipment for a government sector. We drove the car in sweltering heat the distance of roughly 10 kilometers, and literally there was a military check point at every 300 to 500 meters!! In derelict, filthy roads full of cars and low-life pathetic looking people - It was sickening. By the time we got to his home-office we already forgotten the objective of our trip. Prior to talking about the tender – totaling USD 4.5 Mil our business associate began to talk about the certain gifts that we should pay the ministry employees, the bank employees, the logistic handlers and a few extra men – based on sects, that totaled more than 350 thousands US dollars and prior to bidding!!! This is an absolute mortal circus when compared with the years of Saddam. Later the business associate began to talk about the security situation and how the Iraqi resistance can turn things into flaming hell in matter of hours but the orders now is to play politics and for a few months!! How on earth one could do business if hell can be ascended in a few hours?!

Conversely for those who have clinched the regime confidences are simply having a ball – for the moment. The Iraqi resistance have been bribed, Al Qaeda is back to be America's ghost ally and the Iranians Mullas are, as always, the Sultans of the swings.

For those Iraqis who are in foreign countries and have a slight hope for a job opportunity or a vague form of decent life we recommend that you do not even think of coming back for a long, long time. If you ever want to venture back then come as a foreign subject, perchance you will have the luxury to dream of a better life for the Iraqis before your outbound flight.

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