Sunday, June 18, 2006

Big Brother, the sequence – Episode, 164: Abu Der’ra!


Who will be nominated next and win in this action packed episode? Let’s find out.

After the eviction of Zarqawi and confessions made by Majlis Al Shura. Big Bother says that it needs to clear out another cot! But first they need to let the hamster in. The maggots in the GZ are a bit worried to name the next contender because they don’t really know these rodents yet, and there is only one big bedroom. Anyway, the scurry into the round door marked ‘more & more tweaks so long as 2008 is 120 episodes away!’

So here it goes; Abu Der’ra has just stepped onto the door mat. His rad name tells it all. He heads a group of dudes that belong to Jiash Al Mahdi, you know, this army used to dress like cool Caribbean pirates. His headquarter is in a well-known Hussieniya located in the chilled Thawra city (Sadr), which was once a school during the Saddam period but right after the invasion was converted into a Husseiniya.

2 weeks ago all the windows for this Husseiniya were screened off with white Styrofoam sheets! probably to keep the rituals sacred.

A lot of hip cars park out side the Husseiniya; sedans, 4-wheels, government vehicles and even ambulances as well as police cars. Apparently, the members of the sect are employed in different sectors, and they sometimes use the government cars in their raids. Raids!! Did we say raids?

Story goes that the mentioned Husseiniya is full of kidnapped men. Abu Der’ra is in the look out for instantaneous revenge. And his brain is adjusted to Newton’s third law of motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; but not exactly, because the reaction is taking a toll on the innocent people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is what happened after the abduction of the Taekwondo team.

The Taekwondo team, its majority pursued Abu Der’ra’s sect belief, was kidnapped in its entirety on its way back from Jordan. When Abu Der’ra was GSMd he at once rode his heels and flung his cape. He horded off his buccaneers and rampaged the city. He managed to round off every ‘Grouts’ supplier there was and escorted them to his Husseiniya as a pawn! yes. He later negotiated the release of the Taekwondo team in return for the let-go of the Grouts suppliers. Funny isn’t it? But not so when you’d realize that the Grouts suppliers are 99% from Al Ramadi region!!

In the end, neither the Taekwondo team nor the Grouts suppliers turned up, and it was just another exciting day in our democratic shack.

More on the Abu Der’ra as the drama continues in our next episode, brought to you by Big Brother.

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