Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Not down that road Mr. Prime Minister

Al Tarrar:

BC has been quite disturbed by the ill-advised decision of Mr. Al-Malaki to announce the death of Al-Zarqawi simultaneously and a little before the introduction of the remaining of the ‘civil’ cabinet ministers.

We would have much rather seen the PM delaying the news of Al-Zarqawi death a day or two instead of stigmatizing our social order with anomalies, and morphing the celebration of civilities as a symbolic alternative to criminality and not as a transcendence to our great civilization. This kind of conduct had already been employed in concept by both governments of Ahmed Hassan Al Bakar & Saddam Hussein back in the seventies. It would have been pertinent if the PM had drawn history’s examples of our great mothers and fathers than taint the moment with impurities, while being surrounded with ambassadorial bureaucracies and khakis uniforms.

Dear PM, we live with children whose rights are just as equal in knowing the realities. And when Al-Zarqawi has been turned into some icon – similar to Abu Al-Tubar 30 years ago – then we have the uphill task to explain to our children how did this man end up in our country - and I am sure you have your own version for that, which will further increase the animosities.

Perhaps Al-Zarqawi’s effigy could pass as a joke in other countries, but in ours it's a daily fear because our nation, just in case you forgot, lives out side the Green Zone!

Two days ago streets fliers were thrown in Al-yarmok district – neighboring to Al-Mansour and Adawoody (the most dangerous part of Baghdad) to warn the residents that 250 children will be abducted and slaughtered to avenge Al-Zarqawi death. This is what happens when you immortalize vile deeds by brining them under a memorable spotlight.

So far, Mr. Al-Malaki, you have been groping blindly and without any philosophies or clear agenda, but we truly hope you will refrain from going farther down that road.


At 11:34 AM, Blogger Sadoon said...

i felt the same way. it was a bad judgement from jawad amaliki


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