Friday, June 16, 2006


Exclusive – Part II

Dear readers,

In part I we have given you the chance to read a letter that showed some of the people’s names and their work places as well as the terrible things that they have done during and after the invasion. The fact of the matter is that the person who wrote this letter is not part of the FIF or perhaps hasn’t even seen Mr. Ahmed Al Jalabi in person. And the attributed crimes mentioned in his letter for all we know are plane false.

Letters as such are being written and circulated by bogus communists and/or baathists who were once financed by Saddam Hussein. They write under different names to the general public to implicate those who are under scorned. Also, they use the general public as a proxy for their goals.

The faux-letter sender hasn’t got a shred of evidence to what happened to the FIF, or how the Al a’ameh bridge had fallen apart, and just how many foreign experts work in Iraq. The people mentioned in the letter are simply being implicated as part of a hidden agenda.

This is another example of today’s Iraq; Iraq of chaos, confusion, misinformation, crime implication, occupation and disarray.

In other news:

An Al Qaeda document released to the press by the Iraqi government to demonstrate plans to stir up tensions between the countries in the hope of triggering armed conflict..

... and even the government has its day!!!

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