Friday, June 16, 2006



Exclusive – Part I

Name: Withheld
Gender: Male
Job: Officer in the FIF (Free Iraqi Forces)
Objective: Witness to the crime against humanity committed by the FIF


I implore the decent citizens of Iraq to ask Dr. Ahmed Abdul Hadi Al Jalabi the following questions:

What happened to the 800 numbers of the FIF forces whom you have trained in the US, Poland, Israel and Hungary, and later were flown into the north of Iraq before the invasion, and ended up in Al Nasiriyah for a short time to join afterward Al Atakkah (people that buy old stuff from houses) in Baghdad along with the criminals that were let into the streets from their prisons by Saddam Hussein a year before the war, whom they had been later trained in a neighboring country to be ‘Police forces’.

During Al-a’ameh Bridge incident in Adhamiya you were there – because the criminal has to be near the crime site – and I was there too. You have orchestrated the whole scene yourself when you thought that the Shiites would turn against their brothers the Sunnis, and you figured that that was going to be the first spark of the sectarian war. You ordered Jaleel and his Death Squad members to plan this horrible incident. Jaleel operates from his dperatment in Khadmiya where he commits daily crimes against our brothers the Sunnis.

3. Why the Kurds have never been targeted by the death squads ever?!

Dear citizens of Iraq, I must admit that there are militias belong to other political parties who are killing the Arabs only of both Sunnis and Shiites. But the FIF forces headed by Ahmed Al Jalabi are the cancer of our future national army. Al Jalabi has personally worked out the dismantling of the Iraqi army and the police forces so Iraq will only rely on his FIF forces - with their foreign affiliations – and to be the core to all future forces.

Dear citizens of Iraq, the FIF have been integrated into the following forces: The New Iraqi Army, The National Guard, The New Iraqi Police, Magaweer Al Dakhliya, Estikhbarat Al Dakhliya, and the Special Forces (Death Squads)

Officer Fhadal– head of the Masaood Al Barazani guards, heads the Death Squads out of his offices at the Baghdad Airport. The Responsibility of the Death Squads is given to nearly 700 nos. of foreign elites specialized in the war against terrorism, and they were first stationed at Dept in Khadimiya, Baghdad.

Below, are the names of some of the Death Squads members who have committed thousands of killings against our brothers the Sunnis and the Shiites:

1. Ahmed Al Jalabi – Muslim Arab, Baghdad

2. Aras Habib– Muslim Kurd, Baghdad

3. Hukkar Ahmed Ali– Muslim Kurd, Baghdad

4. Haiman Ahmed – Muslim Kurd, Baghdad

5. Haider Mousawi – Muslim Arab, Baghdad

6. Stanley (Al Jalabi’s personal aid) – Jewish American, Baghdad

7. Colonel David – Jewish Israeli, Baghdad

8. Ahmed Kareem (responsible for Al Jadderiya Shelter and is called Engineer

9. Ahmed) - Muslim Iranian.

10. Hussein Kamal (Deputy Interior minister) – Muslim Kurd

11. Fhadal Jameel (head of Masaood Al Barazani guards and head of the Death Squad) - Muslim Kurd

12. Army Colonel Jaleel (head of Death Squad Dept in Khadmiya) Muslim Arab

13. Shourash Hama Sharif (hire to kill) Muslim Kurd

14. Jawad Rumi – Muslim Arab, the old Difa’a Bldg.

15. Muhammed Jawad – Muslim Arab, the old Difa’a Bldg

16. Moyad Hamid Abdul Mahaison (CIA) – Muslim Arab

17. Taha Yasin Muslim Arab

18. Nadeem Ibraheem Hajim– Muslim Arab, Al Kifah, Baghdad

19. Attia Abu Haider – Muslim Arab, Baghdad

20. Yarub Al Mash-hadani (spy for the Death Squad) – Muslim Arab, Baghdad

21. Muhammed Saddam Muslim Arab, the presidential palace, Baghdad

… to be continued

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