Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dear Prime Minister, your minister is no good


The letter published on AL-Nhrain’s web site [the news expressed at Al-Nahrain’s site does not reflect BC’s views] which is signed by group of residents of Hai Al-Qhoudat (Hai Huteen) and addressed to Mr. Al-Malaki is an amplification of some examples pertaining the Iraqi inner-social amalgam from the days before the invasion, and how the post-2003 era is a squabble to realities that are based on previous analogies as well as methodologies.

The pre-2003 government took its time to subdue the Fallujans, and they did it through intricate channels and convoluted tribal maze that involved assailment, relocation and alliances. As a result some of the more equal Fallujan beneficiaries sought residents in Baghdad in a district called Hai AL Qhoudat along with some Ramadians (Ramadi), where they took up on contracting projects for the government on preferential bases. Most of those projects were part of what was called then the Explosion Development Plan that entailed a 5 years scheme to develop the country through the means of petroleum revenues. Consequently, those Fallujans had acquired a fortune. Saddam was quoted saying of the Fallujans: “they wore thongs and we made them wear shoes!”

During and right after the invasion of Baghdad the Fallujans and the Ramadians as well as other westerners (west of Iraq) who resided in Hai Al Qhoudat adopted mouqawama (mujahdeen - resistance) ideology towards the invaders independently and unchecked by a central government. When Mr. Bremer introduced the governing counsel and a little later commenced in building a pro-US Iraqi military body, the ideology for the Fallujans and the Ramadians amongst others had ramified disproportionately to what is called ‘insurgency’ and sectarian warfare engagement. The result was mayhem.

The aforementioned letter – not dated, commences by referring to the PM’s choice for the Ministry for Culture Mr. Asaad Kamal Al Hashimi as a terrorist and a ‘little Zarqawi’. And then the letter unveils the history of ‘Sheikh’ Asaad Kamal Al Hashimi – native of Haditha, who was in Saudi Arabia for sometimes, but right after the fall of Baghdad he returned home to be the Imam of Ali’s mosque in Hai Al Qoudhat where he fostered the Mujahdeen in the district (later are referred to as terrorists and Takfiris) to take up arms and commit horrendous crimes that were financed by Saudi money such as the murdering of Mr. Al Alousy’s sons after his infamous trip to Israel, also, to engage in horrible sectarian cleansing operation from rogue places such as a well-known clinic, with the help of accomplices like Al Hadj Al Zawbai and Sheikh Jamal of Thou Al-Nourain mosque.

The letter includes some extraordinary list of detailed crimes (names and places) - car bombings, point-blank killings, assassinations, kidnappings and ransoms, coerced re-relocations etc. allegedly committed by Mr. Asaad Al Hashimi (and amongst many others like the PM Deputy Mr. Al Jabouri!!) ‘whose hands are drenched in blood’ as mentioned, and who - Mr. Al Hashimi - was constantly encouraging Mujahdeen at the mosque where he preached to attack the police forces and the ‘pagan guards’ (as he allegedly named the national guards). However, the letter indicates how Mr. Al Hashimi had fled the district at some point when the ‘heroic Al Magaweer forces – not specified’ tried to apprehend him after the killing of Mr. Al Alousy’s sons, but later Mr. Al Hashimi came back and struck even harder on the citizens of the districts.

The letter closes by vowing to bring people who have their hands drenched in blood to justice, and offering witnesses to the crimes of Mr. Asaad Al Hashimi, and supplicates the PM to sack Mr. Al Hashimi and open new police stations to curb the violence in the Qhoudat area.

The most intriguing part of the correspondence is pinpointed in the list of the alleged crimes when it unravels the power struggle between today’s Iraq power hubs. As it talks of the urgent complain that was once brought by the residents of Hai Al-Qhudat to the government attention – to a military official, Mr. Abdul Jalil Zaidan - of certain crimes that were being carried out by another ‘terrorists-sympathizer’ & military official of a lower rank, Mr. Mohmmed Al-Nuaimi. The residents were snubbed back when Mr. Zaidan said he couldn’t help because Mr. Al-Nuaimi - of a lower rank - is backed by the Americans - the highest authority! (a pre-2003 standard)

This insight look into this evolving malicious and vile social & geopolitical paradigm, which is drawn from known & pre-existing Iraqi structured patterns, and combined with the presence of foreign invaders, can only demonstrate the complexity of the problem, which truly gives an image of some ugly termites eating their way right into the very fine tissues of our societies. But in the end, as it has always been and will always be that the women and children are the sole victims.

And this is just one letter!


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