Monday, June 05, 2006

The Netherworld’s whispers of Dawoody

The Dawoody district - a residential area located west of Baghdad and adjacent to the well-known Al Mansour district, is a respectable residential area where the rate of house rents is higher than any other. Back in the 70's part of Dawoody was sold mainly to the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After the invasion of 2003 and during the last 3 years many families of Dawoody have gone abroad. And many have rented their houses abruptly, and in short time Dawoody became notorious for being one of the most dangerous areas in Baghdad.

A lot of rouge houses are being occupied by anonymous men who are not to be recognized twice! Many of the houses are empty during the daylight – no families, no children and at night men show up in those desolate streets and go into the houses stealthily.

Some of the houses are rented as companies, unknown companies and never heard of before, where many people would come and go and then later disappear and never to be seen again. These companies’ sudden vanishing has occurred a few times and especially after a major event… killing event! Like what happened to AL Ibtikar co. – a company with a link to the UN’s employees contractors office.

AL Ibtikar was attacked in broad daylight. And all the employees were killed right on the spot but on that same day, and before the killing took place, the anonymous inhabitants of 2 nearby rouge houses disappeared permanently.

Every morning the residents are being terrorized by one or two dead bodies found in their streets. People there think that these houses are kidnappers’ dens and their tenants are terrorists. And no one can do anything about it.

But where can the residents of Dawoody go and report this hellish ordeal; the government, the police, the national guards, the invaders or the honorable resistance?!!


At 2:09 PM, Blogger Riot Starter said...

It's no secret that the gov. is dysfunctional, but the fact that there are so many "authorities" to report to and yet none is likely to do anything about it is pretty creepy.

At 8:09 AM, Blogger baghdadi said...

Now , Dawody is the favourite residetial area for terrorists .


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