Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The latest on Al-Zarqawi?...head to a movie theater near you

Al Tarrar:

As the custom goes to tune in to Al Jazeera for the latest on Bin laden & the Afghan’s prairies so as to stay tuned to Al Jazeera’s archrival - Uncle Sam - for the latest on Al Zarqawi ‘between the two rivers’ (as we have seen him in his latest clip in rare form and in Air Jordan Sneakers, excitedly attempting ‘Lara Croft’ style shooting spree).

As per Al-hayat a few American web sites have published unsigned letter addressed to Al Zarqawi, which was intercepted by the Pentagon (conveniently just before the anticipated American military operation in Ramadi) to explicitly calls for the assassinations of heads of tribes in the Ramadi area (without the prior consent of Majlis Al Shura in the Mesopotamia) who will cooperate with the invaders’ forces, and then blame the Americans and the shiites for it!!

Apparently, Majlis Al Shura in the Mesopotamia has to approve the assassinations prior to their acts. Also, the mentioned intercepted letter – dated a few months back – recommends the assassinations of sheikh Al g’ood, sheikh Al gharbeet, sheikh Nata’h, Mr. Al Rawi and Dr. Mohd. Latif - most have been killed or attempted against their lives during the past months.

The letter, also, implicates the tribe of Albu Fahad as Al Qaeda collaborators when the mentioned tribe was coerced to submission after the assassination of their leader sheikh Nasr Al Fahdawi.

Let’s see; what would I do if I were a sheikh in Ramadi and find myself between two choices, one is at risk of being whacked by someone with the name of Zarqawi and the other is at risk of being whacked by someone with the name of John? Well, perhaps there is someone by the name of Saddam who could save my day, and maybe this is what’s coming down to.

For God’s Sake, Uncle Sam, we’ve already seen this movie - this miasma, and even we find it rather corny. But we’re all teeth and nail for the release of the Da Vinci Code!


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