Monday, July 17, 2006

Mainstream media fuels the fury

BC -

Following up on our report about Hai Al Jihad killings, BC has further investigated how the sectarian crime related deaths are being reported and the findings are startling.

The responsible people at the Forensic Division in Baghdad say that when any killings take place and corpses start to come in, many bodies would be without any identifications and/or heads attached. And they add that they don’t have the slightest idea about the victims' sectarian affiliations!

Furthermore, the media simply ‘assumes or
believes’ that the dead are either Shiites or Sunnis depending on the area where the crime is being reported!, and, also, on the few identifications (names) found on some corpses including those without heads! Bear in mind, sectarian names in Baghdad are quite hypothetical. For instance, BC knows a Sunni family of 6 nos. with what is considered Shiite names.

Another example, if the bodies had turned up headless in Sunni areas, then it is ‘reckoned’ that they are of Shiites because this would be a Takfiri style murder. So if the Takfiris (supposedly Takifirs!) decided to compliment the killings just to jack up the numbers, then who would be able to confirm if those who got hacked were all Shiites?

In other words any Sunni or Shiite gets killed and end up unidentified headless body in a Sunni area would be considered a Shiite!!

DNA testing is not implemented yet and especially for those hundreds of unknown headless dead bodies who are being sent to Nejef every week for mass burying: How we would know that those dead bodies are solely of Shiites?!

Only the media reports the killings! And the government as well as the invaders ‘do the body count’ from the GZ.

It seems that the killers have been relying on the mainstream media to report the crimes based on people/faction/area (thanks to the constitution), which helped the crafting out of today’s Baghdad demography of faction/area, and further helped the perpetrators to forge their goals.

When People lose their loved ones no one can ever imagine how chaotic and sickening the situation becomes. As people disappear their families commence searching first with the police, then later at prisons and if they don't find them they start going to the Forensic Division everyday and for weeks on the hope that their loved ones will turn up in one piece and eventually put to rest in peace, however, many bodies (Shiites and Sunnis) will never show up and will be listed as missing!

At the Forensic Division the ambience is terrifyingly pathetic. No one knows what, who, where and why. Many men and women waiting there searching for fathers, sons, and brothers. People stand outside the gate every morning waiting for new fresh bodies. A lot times the authorities leave the bodies outside because there aren’t enough places to keep them in. It is a hellish ordeal

BC wonders why when Mr. Bush slipped into Iraq he did not have the time to stop over at the Forensic Division on his way to his PR photo session with the PM?!

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