Friday, June 30, 2006

Terrorists negotiator on educational panel!

Back in the 80s the US government appointed Ms. Charito Kruvant (left, bowed to Ms. Rice) as the Contra terrorists negotiator to talk the US-financed Contra terrorists into laying their arms after waging an illegal warfare against Nicaragua, that cost thousands of innocent lives.

As per the Centre for Public Integrity of the USA “In the late 1980s, Creative (International Associates) received USAID and Defense Department funding to help demobilize and provide civilian training for the Contras, anti-communist ‘guerrillas!’ in Nicaragua who had fought the Sandinistas. After the first Bush administration and Congress agreed to stop all military aid to the Contras in 1989, the Defense Department contracted Creative to help persuade the Contras to lay down their arms. (Ms.) Kruvant reportedly helped to convince the Contras that the Nicaraguan government wouldn't execute them if they surrendered”

Also, according to this Ms. Kruvant is considered one of the most powerful women in the USA.

Today Ms. Kurvant is helping the Ministry of Education of our country through her DC based Creative International Associates (60% her propriety) to run educational programs, which according to our source - senior Iraqi professors who are quite familiar with Ms. Kruvant’s educational methods - those programs are way below our educational standards. Also, the source adds that with reference to Iraq the concept of Creative International Associates in its totality is a scam meant for a good stash grab. One example is when Ms. Kurvant had implemented an educational system in our provinces, the system turned out to be an equivalent to some forum of chat-line!

Today the Iraqi News Agency ran a flippant and saucy piece of news on how Creative International Associates will launch a costly program to help turning the education system in Iraq into an e-edu, so will provide comprehensive support to include information retrieving system, admin & exam systems, warehouse and school buildings etc. which will facilitate daily activities of the Education Ministry’s employees by cutting down on the amount of time ‘waste’ when they look up their vacation & leave schedules online!

Our source is quite perplexed that Ms. Kruvant (origin of Bolivian Argentinean and finally American) is still offering services for the ministry or even being in Iraq for that matter. She could probably find a soft landing in South America or other chosen man-made 3rd world disasters where she can negotiate with warlords or terrorists, but on our turf we really deem it’s big time for unpaid retirement to the old lady.

Bon Voyage Ms. Kruvant...Go Home.

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