Sunday, June 25, 2006

Necessity is blind until it becomes conscious

The Iraqi government froze all bank accounts belonging to the Federation of Oil Iraqi Workers inside and outside Iraq. This decision is in the wake of a series of actions taken against professional associations to include the Bar Association. And all activities of the workers will be considered illegal.

These measures taken against the Unions are pretext by the promise of a future publication of the law of the 'regulation' union organizations of workers and their activities.

This action along the lines of former US Governor of Iraq Paul Bremer and procedures enacted in 2004, Bremer has stated that the activity of the workers in the state is illegal.

Iraq's enormous Oil wealth to create a joint production processes as conventions, which prevented effective control over every feature of the policy of the Iraqi oil production and marketing, turning to the Oil companies worldwide.

The union of Oil workers is the most opposed to this policy. It organized conferences against privatization in the past year and expects another one this

In other news:

Iraq oil output hits a new high!

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