Monday, September 18, 2006

Self-determination, not self-preservation.

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The current sectarian-affiliated political parties, and specially those represent the southern region constituents, have been rather busy with crafting out legislations to grant bigger role for the southern region by introducing a governing self-rule apparatus similar to that of Kurdistan. Also, they seem quite certain that their vision will secure ‘their’ children future – and not ‘Iraqi’ children future! - from the re-occurrences of past dark histories.

In fact, if there was one thing that had been destructive and will always be so to the Iraqi children future is the recursive self-preservation mental map that is encoded in our politicians’ mind road.

Autonomies in a country that is eternally drowned in monumental debts will simply turn into fragmentary bureaucracies that will require bigger fiscal spending, as well as inflationary composite budgets that no Iraqi ‘national’ government will ever be able to grasp.

The trend will turn even sourer when the entertained local legislations will be based on nepotism and segmentary benefits – as a living example of today, to adjust to people’s needs. This will further complicate the political performances when voters begin to turn to ‘Maharajas’ rather than achievers in times of regional elections. And, consequently, the local voter will become a significant factor during the national elections to keep those Maharajas in power regardless of their deficiencies; and, finally, we end up with a Muslim Indians Dilemma (at random population explosion!) as politicians literally buy ‘paupers’ voters to keep their parliamentary seats. Of course, in the past the ancient Britain had made sure to dismantle great India through this channel, but that’s a different topic.

Conversely, today’s Kurdistan is a thousand years away from Catalonia, Spain. The northern region is plagued with warlords and trades tycoons that even the normal Kurds are sick of it. Nothing can be done there without a big-gun pre-approval. Also, Turkey is a serious neighbor with serious issues that should not be overlooked.

And then who will protect those self-ruled regions, regional armies similar to the Beshmarga and Fedayeen Saddam (Fedayeen Abu Der’ra!)? And is Iraq ready for segmented demography to rebuild its infrastructure? If Oil is the winning joker then please reconsider. This commodity has already been sold to its last drop; also, let us remind the numerous ‘men of religion’ that as per the ‘Islamic laws’ fuel and food are for all Iraqis.

If there is a way forward, and there is a way, then it’s got to be ‘Iraq’ self-determination. But first we need to resolve the political pending issues with the ‘untouchables’ before the invaders race us to them!

The Iraqis have elected a functioning body to function and to unit the warring ‘national’ political parties not to settle scores.

work out the differences and not the sects
work out the common goals and not the personal goals
work out the common grounds and not the battle grounds
work out the national interests and not the foreign interests

When the government commences to govern a structured functioning body that has a ‘gripping’ effect mechanism then it is our responsibility – the Iraqi people - to percolate out the invaders amongst us and we, wholeheartedly, look forward to that moment. Mind you, no guns or bombs will be needed for our task!

But first, they must govern!

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