Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Republic of Congo


So this is how it looks and feels but instead in the midst of a hardware jungle.

Today everyone seemed to want to either fly away from this country or staying locked in at home forever. It’s never felt as screwed up in our enchanting hell as it is today.

People for the first time are openly and nonchalantly talking about coup d’etat and how the invaders are planning to reenact the battle of Baghdad over and over again until they’d eventually get it right! Of course, all warring parties are betting on the goose to fulfill their own goals.

BC has previously made it clear that a martial law with parliament power sharing has been thought of and championed by a few ‘advisors’ and until security is restored ‘by default’. However, this in reality has already been employed and no one seems to notice, really. Martial law is peanuts to what we see everyday. The other day my friend told me that they have diffused a side-road bomb in the neighborhood by a laser I yawned at him. And people couldn’t care less if Hitler, Churchill, Ho Chi Minh, Roosevelt or Jassim Al-Agrah is running the barn.

Our government has literally been privatized by sects and militias, and the ministries and the institutions have been subcontracted through nepotism to opportunists, stash hoarders and gangs’ concierge; and Baghdad has been partitioned into boroughs for privately contracted thieves and the rest are sect-proprieties.

NO ONE WILL EVER IMAGINE HOW IT’S LIKE OVER HERE. It is tribal economies; preferential capitalism and outdated system of capital gains; 19th century civil war land-appropriations, solid privileged elitists, and Hehela style syncretism, and those are a few to mention.

Our PM is on his way to the US, why?!

Instead he should come and leisurely walk down the Cornish of Adhamiya, window shop at the posh Mansour high streets and take his family to Um Al-A’ras for weekend getaway!!

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