Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mad Max III

Just when we thought Mel Gibson had had his rude awakening and sunk into the atonement of the last temptation, the Mashahdehs and the Dulaims have geared up to Mad Max III the sequence in full throttle.

The eyewitness says it is literally desert rat chase for those who would try to flee the Oil city and get brutally murdered by masked men driving funny built cars - in the movie - but in our own sequence the freaks ride in 4 wheels and aim at each other with RPGs!

It sounds all pretty bizarre and you bet it is. Al Dulaims are the sole & 'official' tribe protectors of the Oil pipe lines in the western regions and Al Mashahdeh tribes would like to see an end to this monopoly. Ten days ago Al Mashahdehs have abducted 13 Oil Guards from the Dulaims and bargained them for a portion of the Oil pipes but in return the Dulaims killed a head of the Meshahdeh tribes during a Mad Max style chase in a desert dirt road!

The protection of the pipe lines means good business for the black market as there are points where Oil can be siphoned into tanks and sold in the open 'free Iraq' market.

We shouldn't be surprised when we will soon see Pirates of the Caribbeans (Basrah) III - the Curse of the 'Black' Pearl.

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