Sunday, September 03, 2006

Non-Iraqi recruits for southern Iraq


Security Source (exclusive):

It is increasingly evident that the invaders authority is relying on non-Iraqi military-task personnel for the Iraqi army units that are stationed in southern Iraq for logistics reasons, and mainly to counter the Shiites influence of Jaish Al Mahdi as well as the Iranians.

The local people are referring to recruits with non-Iraqi accent in the army units and more closer to Arabian Peninsula accent and even Egyptian! Also, there are bases and specifically in south of the city Hilla, where most of those ‘mercenaries’ are stationed - areas are yet out of our PM’s jurisdiction.

During the Ottoman occupation of Iraq similar juntas were imbedded into the Iraqi forces, which were brought from Bosnia – Al Inkeshariya – and who were famous for their black head-band. Later on Al Inkeshariya turned into a major obstacle and a big headache for the Ottoman in Iraq. Also, the Brits recruited plenty of Indians into the ‘Iraqi army’ – lower units – when they were trapped in Nassariya by the southern Iraqi resistance (head of tribes who opposed the British admin. laws) back in the early 20th century.

The current trend demonstrates that the invaders are still walking that thin political stave line, which will make our PM’s chances to gain control of the situation ever slimmer.

The southerner Shiites believe that those mercenaries – similar to Saddam’s recruits prior to 2003 - are used in counter-productive fashion.

One source who managed to get somewhat closer to those bases has referred to a “pan-Arab atmosphere” amongst the units!

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