Friday, September 22, 2006

Soroka’s curse and bless of the week


1. Our ‘grand’ PM for being delighted that he continues to receive control of other provinces as we get our country back from the hands of the Baath dictatorship, while there were more than 6600 tortured related deaths in Baghdad alone during the last two months!

2. The Pope and the Takfiris, as both have proven to belong to dark ages ‘examples’

3. The Thai coup leader for conducting a ‘democratic’ coup d’etat!

Honorary curse to Kahlilzad for granting a Baathist businessman in Amman, Jordan the permission to form a new Baath party.


1. Australian Federal Court for having declared the Aborigines are the traditional owners of Perth, Australia and are given the right to hunt and fish in the area.

2. State of California, USA for suing 6 nos. car manufacturers for global warming

3. Anousha Ansari; the first Iranian – American woman in orbit

Honorary bless to SEGOLENE ROYAL for being the first French woman to run for presidency.

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