Monday, June 19, 2006

C++ Abu Der’ra

Streets Streaks (eyewitness):

Abu Der’ra – 44 years - seems to be the Big Gun in Al Thawra city (Sadr). He is famous for being an ace in knocking US tanks off their caterpillar tracks. That’s why he is hot. Also, he has a good eye sight and sniffing nose for terrorists!

Under his command there is a sleek fleet of vehicles, and the valet parking at his well-known Husseiniya is quite busy. Tens of men with heads bent downward are being ushered quite frequently. Abu Der’ra is well-respected in Al Thawra city for being a staunch opponent of the invaders.

Al Tarrar:

Let’s see; if it weren’t for the invaders and the terrorists that came in as a result, then Abu Der’ra and alike would have been just any other guy, squished and suppressed by Saddam along with our doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers etc.

Now that the invaders and/or the terrorists are in control we have Abu Der’ra and his alike in command and our doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers etc. are still squished and suppressed!


Invaders >= Abu Der’ra

Terrorists >= Abu Der’ra


Invaders = = Terrorists


Squished and suppressed doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers etc.


(Invaders >= Abu Der’ra; Invaders = = Terrorists_max; invaders = terrorist + Abu Der’ra_increment)

Saddam is missing from the compute!

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