Saturday, December 02, 2006

The corporate brain of Dick

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(Mr.) Cheney’s business trip to Saudi Arabia has coincided with the Pentagon’s decision for a withdrawal of the American forces from Ramadi! Our security sources there (A Mashahdeh tribe member) says Ramadi now is officially a Takfiri city (a mix of Saudi Wahabis and so-called Al Qaeda!). It is run by well-versed Takfiri militias commanded by Islamist ideologists and hard-core Salafis. The Baahists in Al Anbar province have lost nearly total control of the region whereas the Saddamists have further entrenched themselves within the Islamic state of Al Anbar and Salah El-Din.

The fruits of (Mr.) Cheney’s business trip to Saudi Arabia were peeled off by a Saudi Official who bluntly voiced his blind eye support (weapons, and logistics) for an Iraqi sect on which the Takfiris have placed their chips.

The lack of originality ‘Exit Plan Afghanistan’ is portrayed in a Wall Street’s rigid game of internecine differences inside a struggling corporate clan and not amongst the sects of a third world country!

You see, when a firm is wrecked and cannot file chapter 16 (bankruptcy) due to insufficient bail-out tax funds, and to avoid a ‘Dollar-buy-out’ the board would place a senior management to do the sacking while stimulatingly offering hedged shares for foreign/local investors to stop the wheels of loss. The end game is obviously ‘return on equities’ and not the benefits of the workers.

When (Mr.) Bush put his load-confidence on Mr. Al-Maliki during the Amman ‘summit’ Mr. AL-Maliki was, in fact, hand given a list of a must-go personnel at a time the Saudis have closed a deal to take over the ailing part of the western operation – assets and future return on profit. That way, Bush & Cheney’s daily headaches are handled by investors/brokerage and, if necessary a leisure trip to Davos, Switzerland for an annual board meeting. Also, what both gentlemen did not disclose of to their existing share holders that the deal with the Saudis was in reality a happy-bomber ‘hostile takeover’. At the end of the day what matters most is that the books are correct.

The future of ‘Free Iraq Corporation’ today is in the hands of competing Takfiris conglomerates on one end and the Mullas’ nuclear might on the other with the absence of Iraq’s workers unions (no free health care, no free education, no unemployment benefits etc.) – salutation to globalization.

However, Mr. Al-Maliki should be aware that when a management is appointed to do the sacking there is always a higher, senior management waiting to conduct further redundancies!... just a little taste of corporate America.

Meanwhile, today half of the Baghdadis are struggling for procuring their daily cooking gas under the falling Mortars while the LNG gas deposits (Billion 3,170 cu/meter) underneath their feet are turning into ether.

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