Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Estan Hwair is dead

He was the head of the US-backed Sunni militia (previously anti-US resistance) who got killed by implanted car bomb in Ameriyat Al Fallujah two days ago.

Mr. Estan Hwair was from Albu Essa tribe of Al-Dulaim. Albu Essa is considered one of the elite western tribes and a higher clan in the segmentary tribal castes. During the rule of Saddam Albu Essa had looked at Saddam’s affiliate tribes as fairly lower kinship-linage in the social order. Albu Essa is considered somewhat a liberal tribe in terms of social conducts and, also, amongst pre-2003 Baahtists.

BC has previously reported that the invaders have tied efforts with certain Sunni resistance to combat other militias and especially the Takfiris. Albu Essa has been engaged along with two other tribes in fierce city combats with armed forces in Fallujha and have sustained heavy loses. The US forces had previously pulled out of the city in its entirety to leave the field open for the Iraqis to fight it out. However, today, and on the light of Mr. Hwair death, the US forces have returned back into their pervious posts in the Fallujah city.

Mr. Estan Hwair's funeral was attacked with mortars and the national guards had engaged in fierce fighting with armed men during the procession.

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