Friday, July 21, 2006

A moment of reflection

Today there is a true chance for a moment of contemplation for both the Lebanese and Israelis to draw back from their hardware, just for brief moments, and look at the bigger picture. They are the only two true democratic systems in the middle-east yet are engaged in a war!

I have been, all along, waiting for both the US Congress and Bin laden (Takfiris) to pass their judgment on the current conflict, and as expected the former approved the war and the latter has simply disappeared from the scene in the fight against the evil of all times, Israel (Perhaps his taped voice will emerge later from the hidden mountains!)

Today’s war is between two democratic countries that both cherished their political systems for years. And the warring parties at both sides are well represented in their home parliaments. Yet this same war is part of the ongoing remapping plan of the middles-east by the US, which shows that the plan is not about democratization process but rather acculturation of the worst kind – the war machine kind.

We have come to see that the US and a few men in Europe have teamed up with dictatorships in the region – Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt for a proxy war against Syria (another dictatorship) and Iran by means of which the damaging of true democratic systems (a lesson for Mr. Al-Malaki & the Iraqis), which is in reality a wicked act that shows lack of ethics or principles and any respect to democracies.

This is an opportunity not to be missed for both warring parties to look into their own internal affairs instead of relying on global myths and phony Shamanization. Perhaps it is time for Israel to refrain from the purification war of the dead David Ben-Gurion against the Palestinians, and begin to establish infrastructure of trades with their future neighbors instead of slipping into the inflationary trade of cults and armaments, which will further drag them into the abyss. And for the Lebanese to invest in their own people – as they truly can, rather than worrying about Al Saud’s interest rates fluctuations, or Mr. Al-Assad’s bad moods. The Lebanese should realize that their country is the only true democratic Arabic country in the region and they must keep it so.

This post-Victorian trauma, which is quite evident in the character of the flaky, moustache-stricken Mr. Bolton of the USA, is a demonstration of a true broken vision of both the Bush Admin and the Democrats for the region, and an illustration of illiterate – philosophies, and obsolete Segmentary tribal mentalities towards the people of the middle –east.

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