Sunday, July 23, 2006

The buzz in Al-Thawra city (Sadr)

After a short but heavy confrontation with the American forces during today’s early hours around the 7th section in Al-Thawra city, Al-Sadrs’ constituencies have been dealt with yet two more blows but this time from the Takfiris when a suicide bomber triggered himself off near a crowded market in the Jamila area at 9:15 am and a bit later an explosive went off near a municipality office (total 50 nos. killed)

Al Tayar Al Sadri echoed their constituencies’ angry thoughts and they believe that there are three obstacles hurdling the way of the national reconciliation, which are the Saddamists, the Takfiris and the invaders who all share the same goals:

1. to remain in power.
2. disrespect for holly shrines.
3. violent crimes against civilians and unethical prisoners interrogations.
4. eternal hatreds towards neighboring countries.
5. similar expansionist ideologies, and

6. the eradication of Al Tayar Al Sadri

The majority of people in the city deem that the suicide bombers are being let into their area by ‘slipping’ through checkpoints, and that shows that there are elements in the national guards who are working closely with the Takfiris.

Of course, Al Tayar Al Sadri wasn’t making any comparison with its own scope of work because the argument would have had major black holes!

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