Saturday, July 22, 2006

BC Headlines … from our humble democracy

1. The followers of Estan Hwair (the ex-head of the US- backed Sunni militia) blamed Iranian agents for his murder in Ameriyat AL Fallujha.

2. Streets Streaks - eyewitness
Adhamiya has turned into a ghost district. You hardly find anyone apart from Jaish Al Adhmiya in the streets with or without the curfew. The shops are open for less than two hours a day.

3. Streets Streaks - eyewitness
Abu Der’ra has been in the shade in Al-Thawra city (Sadr) for the past week!

4. Streets Streak (eyewitness)
On a cheerful note, Bab Al-Mu’dam and Al Fadhal districts have celebrated the ‘back to harmony’ after 3 weeks of vicious cycle of political violence that claimed 95 lives. People celebrated on drums rhythm!

5. Streets Streaks (eyewitness)
Al Sulaik area is another autonomous ‘Fort District’ in Baghdad where an own homegrown army protects its boundaries.

6. According to the health ministry on average 54 nos./day are the political violence-related deaths in Baghdad alone for the month of July whereas 50 nos./day in June, but the morgue has received 1000 nos. during the last 18 days!

7. Mr. Al Hashimi’s (vice president) guards have been accused of trying to free a Takfiri from a hospital where he was being treated for a shot wound.

8. The Minister of Culture has been accused of waging sectarian war against the Shiites, again!

9. A few fear that Mr. Al Malaki’s anticipated trip to Washington might bring unanticipated surprises for the PM!

10. Al Tayar Al Sadri says that Abu Al-Bussam area has been under attack by Saddamists for a few weeks and now it's the invaders’ turn in killing innocent people there.

11. The unemployment has reached a level at which the entire active population could be considered without jobs

….. And so far this is as good as it gets!

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