Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Green Zone Watch – today!

As we write this post the Green Zone has been hit with a 9th rocket today alone. Yesterday a 4X4 wheel in the green zone received a direct hit and all four people inside the car perished. The American military regime knows that the source of those rockets is Al Thawra (Sadr) city but they hope that with time Al Mahdi army will run out of weapons! due to the water-tight ongoing siege around Al Thawra.

One senior state department invader in the GZ is reported to have lost his temper and vowed to crush the Sadrists even if takes brining Saddam back from his tomb to rule the country! Everyone inside the GZ is blaming Iran for the staunch Shiite resistance, whereas the numbers of assassinations in both Shiite and Sunni areas have doubled in recent days - similar to those figures in late 2006.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A gypsy’s power-phobia


Mayada Al Askari, the current free lance political columnist for this Dubai-based publication (the primary mouth piece and statistics provider for the US in the middle east), is the grand daughter (mother-side) of Sat’a El Husari - the prominent Sunni-Turkmen political figure of the early 20th century, that spoke zero Arabic until the age of 40!, and which the British invaders at that epoch borrowed from the Turks to help set up the sectarian divisional process of our country for many generations to come. Her father-side grandfather was a well-known, powerful politician during Iraq’s kingdom era, who was first to conjure up expelling all Iraqi Shiites to Iran! In her teen life Mayada was the doll of a young man whom later bragged about his high level position in Saddam’s secret service agency. She was that man’s butterfly at all times when seen, in a cute bikini, with him and her sister at the pool of a posh private club near Al- Fardous square, indulging on teens’ most precious feeling: first love.

During Saddam’s rule Mayada could not be anywhere but quite closer to the regime circle (which was at its highest bloody peak) and was given the luxury to take a few nips into what was collaged then behind the stage. She also maintained a ‘favorable’ relationship with Ali (the chemical). She managed to open a printing shop in Al Thawra city (Sadr) and traveled to the southern tip of Iraq’s marshland with her Shiite husband, boasting making basic bio-fuel from animals pooh. However, she later found herself entangled in unnecessary matter (re-printing of a banned paper back of Shiite teachings written in Najaf) that got her thrown in behind bars for some times, during which she claims that she was tortured and kept in one of mankind’s darkest quarters of life (according to this book).

two years after the arrival of the American military dictators Mayada benchmarked herself as the outspoken proponent of the invasion, and landed on a part time job with the aforementioned publication so she could be utilized as some kind of local produced energy drink ready to be gulped down for any signs of political fatigue, poor battle-field digestions, and daily Baghdad aches and pains. Her writing in Arabic is a combo jumbo of yellow journalism and low–life, poor taste jargons for what she deems a satirical critique at par. And in short time – and perhaps by default, she became Petraeus’s closest Iraqi female friend ever!, which bestowed on her the center stage seat for the entire sordid circus show, from accompanying Petraeus on air trips to various rogue zones in Iraq to being present at the military operation headquarter in Basra when Iraqis were killing each other, while she was listening to on-the-hour updates amongst Al-Maliki’s newly adopted Baathists colonels, whom she considers ascendants of Alexander’s ancestral linage.

Today Mayada, covered head to toes as Shiite, is living a lavish life style in Dubai, and enjoying what she was born into, raised and lived through - and always tried her best to cling onto, and that is power, which is the most primitive objective mankind has ever realized. She is a victim of absolute-power abuse since child hood, and whenever she detects a little of power-withdrawal within her mishmash gypsy life she tries harder to full up the vacuum by clinging even closer to those who resemble the most supreme power of the moment, regardless of ideologies and ancestral laws.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tactique Habibi!

BC -

“It’s a tactic, buddy” this was Muqtada’s reply in his latest interview with Al Jazeera when asked about the latest development in Basra, so was Saddam’s reply in Saudi Arabia before he started the war with Iran in 1981, when one of Brejencsski’s aids asked him “could you guarantee that your people in the south would not side with Iran against you?” Saddam replied “my people are Shiites Arabs and not Shiites Iranians” as he was referring to his close alliance with one of Al Sadr’s uncles, Mohammed Al Sadr, which Saddam considered him then a key political Arab ally and the rightful religious leader for the Shiites in the south at that epoch, and before Saddam extermination of a large portion of the Sadr family.

Mohd. Al Sadr was also the sole responsible for the Hawza, and a potential recruiter for the thousands of non- Iranian back ground Iraqis in Nejef and Karbala for the two universities of the Imams in the south, which used to spew out fresh graduates every year that majored in the holy Shiaism teachings. Mohd. Al Sadr’s role had tremendously angered the Iranians in Iraq at that time, and he was constantly under suspicion from the Ayatollahs due to his favored associations with Saddam and with Saddam’s allies then - the American state department. It is reported that Saddam had once joked with the little boy Muqtada Al Sadr when accompanied by his uncle.

When the American military regime and its forces in Iraq toppled Saddam’s government in 2003 Al Sadr city (Thawra) was a favorite zone for the invaders and both political agendas – that of the American regime and of Al Sadrists were in correlate lines, a trend which lasted way after the dissolving of the Iraqi army. It was Bremer’s move to bring in the Iranian-based Al-Dawa that prompted the Sadrits change in directions, which witnessed the formation of the Mahdi Army and the commencement of the Mahdi armed resistance against the invaders. That Shiite resistance was hailed by the Baathists resistance for a while, but when the Pentagon (advised by the insolent Iyad Alawi) wrecked Al Falluja city the coast was set clear for a head-on collision course between the Jihadists (anti-Baathists) and the Sadrists. Conversely, the American regime pressed ahead for establishing of Al-Badar’s death Militias until they could reconstruct the Iraqi army, which proven to be a living task-failure for eternity.

2006 witnessed the official rise of the Takfiris (Qaeda) power and the inevitable militia wars, which was mistakenly and intentionally referred to by most western media as a sect-based war. These kinds of wars are typical pre-Islamic types - Kur & Fur, attack and retreat that in most incidents is taken advantage of by all warring parties to settle scores over a short period of time. Take for instance Mr. Al Hashimi’s Sahwa faction and his Saladin brigade. When last week the American tyrants were heavily bombing Al Sadr city and adjacent areas to the Palestine Street, Al Badar death Militia had sealed off and imposed a curfew in Al Jadriya and Al Karada. But for a divine miracle Al Hashimi’s (vice president) Sahwa found a way in and settled scores with another minor Sahwa faction, and later blamed the Sadrists for it!. Two days after Al Hashimi’s venture his house received a direct mortar hit from a fellow Sahwa in retaliation.

This is how today’s Iraq ushers the Iraq War 2 period, and while the American military regime’s sole dilemma is how to turn Al Maliki-Talibani-Hakim into oligarchy that looks after the invaders interests in Iraq in return for the safety of the formers’ lives, other Iraqi innocent lives are being lost everyday because it is simply a “Tactique Habibi”!!!

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