Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Resolution advocating the division of Iraq into federal re›li‹gions."



Friday, September 28, 2007

The Malignant Realtor

From May 2004 and up to February 2005 the basement of Saddam’s presidential palace in the so called Green Zone was turned into one giant vault of blue prints and maps of Baghdad, while roughly 17 of Saddam’s ex-secret services and others that previously worked for the planning ministry, were sitting daily behind big tables covered with unfolded maps, busily doodling and making comments to geo-specify each and every neighborhood in our capital, and to segment out by family-business/area/region as every house was being marked by family name, numbers of people, occupations, ages, genders, and sect! Later, good number of satellite images was brought in to help in the map out processes.

Saddam’s Vault was left intact with its carpets, wall curtains, and luxurious furniture. However, the amount of invaders’ armed forces in presence was enormous.

The main objective was told then is to remap Baghdad for better future city services to include the voting procedure! And later computer software was brought in to aid converting blue prints into computer images. By May 2005 (roughly 7 months before the sect war commenced) the Saddam Vault project was completed and 6 Iraqis were kept permanently to help the invaders updating the maps due to Baghdad ever changing landscapes – devastations, road blocks and bombs, permanent diversions etc.

The people (of mixed Iraqis and foreign) that got involved in the mentioned project had later taken up real estate business in the city due to their good knowledge of the areas, and began to renting out empty houses - those that belong to the Iraqis who were forced out of their residents due to threats from unknowns!! and mainly in Al Karada, Al Masbah and Al Jadriya areas - for the newcomers, which mainly constituted foreign security companies (there are 48 nos. of Black Water style companies in Iraq amount to roughly 125 thousands privately paid armed men), the CIA, Al Badar militias, and various rouge companies similar to that very peculiar firm that operates out of Al Jaderiya area where most of their western looking men employees wear those Jewish Kippot head covers.

The real estate biz becomes quite intriguing when some Iraqis who fled abroad do some times receive calls to their own cell phones by other unknown Iraqis that claim to being referred by close relatives or friends, asking them if they would like to rent or sell their houses in Baghdad! and what is even more outrageous as an example is that when one Iraqi professor in Amman and his family sought refugees status in the USA (this country is accepting Iraqis until end of 2007) he was shocked when the refugees center employees asked him if he would like to sell his house that he still owns there as they knew a few interested buyers!!

Many private Iraqis who turned into real estate business had to flee the country by late 2005 and when Al Mujahdeen moved in closer into the capital.

This systematic methodology of plucking out of innocent people’s roots – those people that matter most to our nation, and replacing them with hired to kill foreign security firms, anthropoid CIA personnel, and Badar cult death squads can only demonstrate that everyone is playing the ball while our bleeding wound by the day is becoming a form of uncured gangrene.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Two months ago I sat with Mr. J. from Black Water in Kuwait over a cup of a tea – it was coffee for Mr. J. and when the subject of the Iraqi army and government readiness was brought up Mr. J. said the following:

[Iraqi government, ha, are you kidding me? There is no such thing as an Iraqi government. The entire set up there is privately contracted. We protect them, train their men how to defend themselves and how to fix their hardware; we tell them how to take cover and shoot insurgents (resistance) in hostile environment. In fact, we own their forces and the Iraqi government work for us and not the other way round. We are men mostly in our late 40s and got retired from the army, what you expect us to do, open some restaurant to make a living? For your own information both the democrats and the republicans (parties) pay for us, and they can’t do jack shit without our help as we did elsewhere. The US government is in firm contract with us which gets renewed periodically to protect VIPs, train armed forces and provide various logistics and ‘even to kill’!!!]

Next to me there was one Kuwaiti man who was listening too, and when Mr. J, finished the Kuwaiti man turned around to me and said in Arabic: you know I am not inclined towards Iraqi militias but if there is one man I wish they could get it is this son of a bitch Mr. J.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Larger than you

When Bush stopped over at ‘Camp Abu Risha’ last week in the Anbar province he was making sure to acknowledge Abu Risha as one of the most powerful head of a tribe in the region. And by doing so Bush was emulating the foot steps of Percy Cox of the last century, when he favored certain tribes like Albu Essa over others to impose a tribal structuralism so he could clear the way for colonial Iraq, which lasted until 1958 when Abdul Karim Kassim temporarily brought material imperialism to an end for the first time since the fall of Babel 500 BC (Before Cleopatra) Nevertheless, the current form of post-1989 imperialism is working and can help create a second rate nation in Iraq – let’s face, this is about the best result that our invaders could have ever achieved due to their somewhat mediocre bureaucratic administrations (with all due respect to Hispanic and African American communities). Yet what has hitherto been accomplished and the bases upon which such accomplishment is attained (when the leader of the strongest army in the world is brought to his knees before slipper-footed men to beg for help) have consequently legitimatized the political ‘Forza’ of the ‘old ways’.

When western-backed laws permit tribal rulers, clans and kinships, segmentary oppositions, sectarian parliament, Washington-support nepotism, cargo cults, hand-picked cultural material and all is under one common denominator and that is religion, then what left for the Takfiris so called Al Qaeda to do is to simply push the revolving door and usher right in. As a matter of fact, the Takfiris thrive in such medium, a medium when today one teams up with a brother against a cousin and tomorrow one teams up with a cousin against the foreign. And when Al Qaeda sees a daft world leader pulled by the nose ring before a tribal Caliph then he/she would certainly foresees a brighter future as they did in Afghanistan.

5 days ago a Saudi backed Iraqi Takfiri unit have teamed up with head of a tribe of similar caliber to Bush’s Abu Risha in the southern suburbs of Baghdad, and planned an all out vicious attack against Sunni civilians who refused to cooperate and made them flee in hundreds to Shiite areas in Baghdad Al Jadida. The stories that the fleeing Sunnis brought with them are horrific crimes that are being constantly committed and as I write now. Perhaps this Al Qaeda head of tribe is dreaming of awakening call and a future courtesy visit from the head of a superpower!

Yesterday Abu Risha was assassinated in El Anbar province and a major mainstream media in the UK lightly said it was done by the insurgents! Which insurgents, those nurtured by Al Qaeda? Of course, they couldn’t be those nurtured by the invaders! Or perhaps it was the resistance that everyone would like to smear off, or even Al Maliki who Abu Risha’s men claimed to be the perpetrator!! I tell how it was done; it was done the ‘old ways’.

Today’s Iraq’s hell is much bigger problem than any Capitol House lawyer could ever conjure up, and the shapes of things to come are quite gigantic than a simple pentagon drawing. They are in fact the patterns of the ‘old ways’.

Petraeus spoke of long term Pentagon presence in Iraq to forge success (less enthusiastically backed by the ‘gayish’ Arabic speaking and soft Crocker), and he spoke of the surge advantages etc. etc, the fact is it was that little boy inside that sleeked aging body who seemed to fantasize that virtual war game behind those digitized goggles with his joy stick, in a bunker filled with the smell of Whoppers. However the reality is, dear little-big Petraeus, that the current game is much bigger than a surge or cut in number of troops, it is something larger than you.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Karbala incident was pre-intent and government staged

AL Tarrar:

BC has gotten hold of 6 nos. original copies of interior ministries reports that were raised days before the Karbala unfortunate incidents, which explicitly relate and reiterate a set of foreseen and forthcoming criminal activities to be taken place during the Muslim religious anniversary in the city of Karbala, that was met with absolutely no response or any immediate course of action by the government, which insinuates the Stalin style scenario that the regime of Al Maliki is implanting to exploit the presence of innocent people for its own cause.

The reports, written by lieutenant Saleh Malki - Head of Karbala Security Operations on July 4th and August 12, 07; and by Raed Judat –Head of Karbala Police Force on July 16, 23 and August 12, 07 talk of explicit details of how criminals were being embedded into the crowed and car bombs and other weapons were believed to be in areas near the religious sites to be used during the events to trigger a chain of violence. Also, the reports refer to criminal operation and breach of security by the Saudis, and the use of black market Iranian made weapons, and they implore the government to take the precautionary measures for this year anniversary. But the government, in stead of canceling the event or minimize the magnitude of the masses by detouring their march by means of preventive measures, had given a deaf ear to the reports and simultaneously was set and ready for such confrontation on the expense of the hundreds of innocent people who were unaware of such plot and who, as always, paid the price dearly.

The government used a canon of two barrels to kill both the criminal and the innocent alike just to prevail forcefully on the ground for future political gains – a tactic favored by other schizophrenic politicians like Eyad Alawi, who is set to walk back into the premiership via Madison Avenue!

Yesterday a government army official and the head of Al Aqrab forces (famous for massacring Jund Al Islam group) were in a big row as to who will claim victory to shooting criminals embedded within innocent civilians groups, with total absence of basic judicial investigation i.e. pre-intent collateral damage: the most thuggish, fascist, cowardice and ‘Armageddon’ act that’s been set as a global trend due to our invaders’ lack of self-respect and relevant history.

This government approach is infuriating, shameful and just as criminal acts as any other.

Young Al Maliki walks in Ayatollah Khomeini’s funeral in Iran:

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Brown: British forces withdrawal was pre-planned and not an act of Defe(c)at(e)

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