Friday, February 22, 2008

Who is for McCain? The Baathists!!!


In a-never-cease-to-surprise me the Baathists are the first to champion a republican continuity in power for the USA when Bush’s time is up. And it’s all for a good cause, so they say.

A hard-core, never-let-go Baathist, who is currently in Amman but resides in Europe, has made it wonderfully clear that the Baathists would like to see the republicans in power for another 70 years because ‘they (republicans) learned the lesson’. Iyad, who is a part-time businessman, was talking about his ideas and those of his ‘comrades who are already in power!’ about the relevance of maintaining Bush’s men around for as long as it takes due to a set of common goals!!

“They know who we are and our strength; we sat with them a few times and today I think they see Iraq’s future through our vision yet similarly we understand their system” Iyad adds “I believe their army officials have finally started to listen” and he thinks that the Americans in Iraq have been on the right track since the beginning of last year “They have succeeded to garner supports and unify the warring parties; they are hailed for their master-piece policy of letting Al Qaeda tearing each other off (referring to Sahaw’s Qaeda Vs. Qaeda) And, of course, we share a common enemy and that is Iran, which is a greater threat to the entire region” Iyad boasts the Baathists role in making the aforesaid possible in every respects even to pertain of training pro-Baathists Palestinians to eliminate rouge pro-Iranians militants leaders!! In return, he praises the Americans to give the go-ahead to the Algerians in helping, with their expertise, the Baathists in fighting terror to combat the Iranian terrorists in the streets of Baghdad - the Algerian ambassador in Jordan is a key player.

The die-hard Baathist, however, is worried that if the democrats were elected then they would not know their way around Iraq, and a hasty withdrawal of American forces will result in Iran getting a total control of Iraq “if the Americans go don’t be surprised when you see Iranian airplanes bombing both Sunnis & Shiites areas alike” Iyad is quite adamant that the Baathists will soon be back more resolute than ever and he says “the Americans are protecting our country from the Iranians just as President Saddam Hussein did, god bless his soul” ….Amen!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Not long ago the American military regime in Baghdad wouldn’t have even dreamed of setting up a military base in Al Saidiyat area, which is opposite Al-Dura refinery - the strong hold of Iraqi ex-resistance and Takfiri-AL Qaeda, but since the birth of Fedayeen Petraeus (Iraqi ex-resistance and renegade Al-Qaeda: so-called Sahwa) the American military regime have been able to enjoy the luxury of a medium-sized military base, in one of the most volatile areas of Baghdad to prompt a sudden surge in doggy activities in the said area such as taking over empty houses and vacating unwanted tenants, which is quite reminiscing to Al Qaeda’s techniques during the last two years. However, the only difference is the perpetrator’s name is changed. In fact, only the name is changed from Al Qaeda to Sahwa whereas the princes of wars remained the same so is the objective: is to regain the upper hand over the other death militias – like Al-Badar who they and the CIA have established not less than 15 separate operating units in & around Al Jadriya area, an area where Al Maliki has given authority, three months ago, to his army officers to break into any empty house they can lay their eyes on and take it up as a residence.

One week ago a family that reside in Syria received a call to be informed that their house in Al Saidiyat area was taken by force when a Militia dressed in yellow-colored straps barged into their house while it was occupied by the family’s relatives, and took over the dwelling. When they occupants tried to stop the militias the armed men told them that they were Sahwa and they needed the house to combat Al Qaeda in the neighborhood. When the tenants tried to explain that there were no Qaeda anywhere near the house and during the last two months, the armed militias snubbed back and ordered them to go and find a place where their sect belonged - The house owners are Shiites!!! Today the rightful owners of the house are negotiating with Al Sahwa to regain their home through a Sunni middle-man.

I would never ever have thought that this would be the situation that I was going to write about five years on. How on earth did we end up like that, and what kind of logic and common sense do the current forces & players based their mandates on? They must be and have to be some bunch of sick-minded and puss filled-hearted opportunists.

A few days ago one American military tyrant showed a tape of Iraqi children presumably being recruited by Al Qaeda, and he simultaneously justified why the American military regime is holding a few hundreds of Iraqi boys in their prison so they could correct their paths and re-introduce them back into the communities as good citizens: FLASH BACK: Saddam’s abduction of Shiite orphan children to turn them into tomorrow’s useful youths – Fedayeen Saddam, whom right after the invasion ended up in Jaish Al Mahdi!

This is not the first time children are being stigmatized, abused and later used as tools to achieve ideologies and there are tons of examples. Remember that gigantic, pathologic lie of a Kuwaiti hospital story where Iraqi soldiers supposed to have killed babies in incubators, and it was rehashed by granddaddy Bush so he could strengthen his argument for a war; and, also, when Saddam showed up on TV, during the Kuwait invasion, being nice to children while he held their parents hostages?

Another example is when the Nicaraguan government accused America’s contra terrorists of recruiting children to wage wars on mountain villages, and even showed the caught children on TV. The American government then accused President Ortega of child abuse. But when America’s contra terrorists later dropped their weapons many of them were forced back to high schools!!

Yesterday the Military regime air-bombed a presumably Qaeda-based village in Iraq, during which many children were killed; thank god for killing the children – no more collateral damage, otherwise, they could have been future Al Qaeda terrorists. Conversely, Iraq is all teeth and nails for a new Noriega in the making at the children correction facilities in Baghdad!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

when she walk that walk, Boom Boom Boom!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

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