Monday, November 26, 2007

Grubby John

"It’s never too late for a pint of Fosters" (Gulped)… "I mean who cares if I were referred to as a loser Kangaroo for life?" (Gulped, gulped… hiccup and a burp) … "Hey, isn’t that Crocodile Dandy over there?! Good day mate, where have you been all these years? I guess we’ve got a lot of catching up to do"!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Andy Warhol’s Bad


Lately news of the invaders sitting face to face with the Baathists (Younis Al-Ahmad branch) at the Dead Sea in Jordan or the release of a few Iranians accused of terrorist activities by the US authority is no longer hot headlines - not even the flip ‘flop’ Surge that has been replaced with the rad Sahwa (a few resistance & Al Qaeda units awakening) as they have finally realized that it’s worth working for the invaders as it holds profitable future (Oil@USD 95) rather than wasting their lives on some wretched Shiites. Today Baghdad sizzling news has a different palatable taste. The western hot-spots of Hai this and Hai that have over night become safe nocturnal exploits for their native neighbors -they even stay out late at one open café in Hai Al Jamiya despite of the curfew! The east of Baghdad, however, has deteriorated a bit for a change. Sunnis – Sunnis and Shiites – Shiites tango and the terminology switch of ‘Debaathification law’ to ‘please tell us how naughty you’ve been so we could talk it over’! are a few pop news to mention.

Cool hypes in the provinces refer to Sadrists (ex- outcast fedayeen Saddam) vs. Al Badr brigade (ex-Saddam army POW) while Fedayeen Petraeus (the Sahwa – not the Sawa radio!) are waiting in vain for the vanquisher. As one Sahwa dude told BC “we’ve done our own part and stopped attacking them (the invaders), now they have to fulfill their promise and get rid of the Iranians”!! There is, also, the Mosel Dam crack and the Kurds Turks hip-hop gig while the PM calls it an invaders’ rap. A shark had swum up the Tigris River and caught opened jaw, and an alien one-eyed monster has landed in Basra (it’s not a joke). Even the refugees’ camps are looking cool joints similar to those dwellers of the Kerouac generation.

In Karbala the construction development is catching up pace with that of the rich Arab Gulf states. One developer calls it the New Qum city as 95% of its development is Iranian money. The Iranians are building giant clusters of residential and commercial complexes in Karbala whereas simultaneously Al-Abu Rishas of Al Anbar are supplicating for mere peanuts. When BC visited Karbala 2 weeks ago it witnessed one of the largest and fastest growing urbanization plans in Iraq (faster than those in the stale green zone) while the car bombs are rocking the people to the cranes roaring rhythm – 4 car bombs in three days!

It’s all part of the fad scene. The fuel price in some places has trickled even though the barrel of Oil is nearing USD 100 The electricity is no longer a craze because it’s not in summer fashion, and the water shortage is a distant past as we began to brush our teeth with mineral water to avoid the Cholera. Some shops are full of people who seem not to care about the inconveniences caused by a few car bombs here and there as most shopping achievers get by with “Allah Al Sater” (god protects) giggle.

Nothing seemed to matter; road blocks, evening curfew, inefficient snipers, sniffing negro dogs, low flying copters, streets dead bodies (it's their fault, they should have stayed away from trouble!), unemployment jinx, Ezat El Douri radio address, 5 humongous permanent invaders’ military bases and ‘Kafka’ governing body all have become part of an outdated state of mind as most of us have better things to think about, as well as entrepreneurial & NGO ladders to climb. We have forcefully been to places that drew new plans. We have friends and relatives in Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sweden, Australia and some are even in the USA. We can go places, with or without the G passport, to explore life possibilities. This is the Mesopotamia, where all conjured-up dreams and doctrines must first see light. However, there is one thing that remains certain, of which we have all unbelievably agreed to and that is we absolutely and positively TRUST NO ONE but God (optional for the Yazidis)

I tell you people, things are looking in rare shape; even Udy’s Saddam Hussein son, Masood, from a Turkish mother has for the first time surfaced after years in hiding – who said Udy was impotent? See, didn’t I tell you? We have got tons of hypes and trends to be part of.

Masood Udy Saddam Hussein:

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Jawad Ali 1907 – 1987 theologian and master Islamic scholar who was born in Al-Khadmiya (Shiite) and studied at Abu Hanifa (the strong hold of the Sunni Adhamiya) and was advocate of scientific theology and Ibn Rushd philosophies.

He wrote tens of books and publications.

Mr. Al Maliki, honor him!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Planet of the Apes

Just another normal day for an Iraqi police interrogation unit!

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