Friday, August 31, 2007

The Refugees Gala


When one ushers a refugees center he/she expects to see older men and women dressed in shabby clothes, looking despair, ambivalent and regretful, while the children inside might be clinging to grown-ups and seem quite bored and confused yet cleverly understanding of their parents ordeal, right? Wrong. Welcome to the Refugees Center for Iraqis in Amman Jordan, the place that defied the total meaning of the concept ‘refugees’.

Due to the persistence of the Jordanian government to treat the Iraqis in Jordan like subhuman – perhaps to reward the Iraqis for the best treatment and economic incentives that Saddam offered Jordan like no other country in the entire world!, Iraqis are finding ways to maintain their existence (residence visas and avoiding overstay penalties, housing, schools and universities – the Jordanian government hurdles all of the those in every step of the way) by finally agreeing to turn refugees in order to gain relative freedom, but they sure know how to do it with own style.

As you park the car and walk up closer to the center you notice that most Iraqis drove there in their latest models of German and Japanese made cars. Some other Iraqis are being dropped off by their chauffeurs right at the gate. When you enter you immediately come across the Iraqi upper middle class tier who is dressed in vogue fashion – young boys, girls and mothers look as if they had just stepped out of an international brands week - Zara, Mango, MEXX, Elle etc.; the older women are gilded with jewelry and gold but are more in line with Versaci attire. Men, however, are dressed smart casual and looked a bit aloof so did the grandmothers.

After a while you get to over-hear the conversations there and it’s all about the latest shopping sales at Mecca Mall in Abdoun, or that great get-together that lasted until 3 am, or you may even hear the latest critique about that wonderful Iraqi art show at some famous Iraqi lady-owned Gallery. Also, women hairs do are far from that of the under-occupation-veiled-style and women seemed as if they went to the coiffures just for the occasion.

When one leaves the place he/she might feel as if life were normal again, and one thinks that it is not that bad after all being amongst the Iraqi bourgeois while for tiny bit of time one gets to forget the on-going misery of the Iraqis back home; after all, it is the same social class who did not mind and even supported free health care and schooling for everyone and for many years. I mean even Karl Marx recognized such a class, but later one realizes that it was all happening inside a Refugees Center!! And as I got farther away I began to feel that conscience-pinch: How did I ever become a refugee?! And I started to analyze and for some reason, at least to me; it was obvious, as it has always been, that the different Iraqi social tiers have always been in a state of refuge– whether home or abroad – while their neighbors have always been in a state of schadenfreude.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007



When the Human Rights Watch published its report about the prisoners abuse in Kurdistan it failed to address the problematic core issue, which is the lack of political freedom of speech and liberty for all political entities in the northern region apart from the kinship and clans of both Talabani and Barazani; as most of the political prisoners behind bars are those who voiced their objections to the existing rigidity of the political functionalism that dates back from last century. Also, to BC surprise those who are in favor of hindering polarized political views and free-thoughts are the communists of Kurdistan who had had long history of fighting Saddam’s armies in the 70s, 80s and 90s in the name of liberty and freedom. In fact, some communists there have long ago turned into CIA spies like Fahkri Karim Zangana (Kurd-of Iranian origin) – the personal aid of Mr. Barazani and the ex- chief editor of Tareeq Al Sha’b – currently the chief editor of the yellow journalism Al Mada, who is widely believed to be the open channel link between the CIA-Mossad and the government of Syria as he maintains bases in both Damascus and Beirut.

Today Kurdistan sits on ancient shale and the KRG is yet again cracking down on people’s lawful political activities, which is reminiscing of not Saddam’s days but those of the CIA installed fascist regime of Greece back in Nixon’s days. But the example could surpass that of Saddam’s if some one speaks of removing Barazani or Talabani. One kurd from Erbil told BC if you need a quick air-left just speak out about the government!! The invaders are paranoid and quite intolerant of any inclination in political views that could jeopardize the current establishment, and if any wrong signals have been detected then the war on terror’s tune is immediately amplified. The invaders long term plan for permanent bases in Kurdistan does not leave any room for such political freedom.

Hitherto it is believed that more than 800 people – mainly Kurds, have been shuffled to various jails in Erbil, Sulaimaniya and even Dhuk. The HRW were permitted to interview some prisoners who happened to be air lifted from Mosul, but there are more than 130 secular political Kurds who are under tight security due to their beliefs and political tendencies. Some represent newly established parties that until now have not seen the light like the center-left kurdish party and the patriotic youth of Kurdistan who are extremely critical of the invaders presence in the region.

As the expired passed down in history so should its remnants. And Harbaschi for the new Kurdistan Order!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

And God said Let there be light… and only Shiite insurgents!!


As the Turks say ‘aman rubbi aman’ (exclamation for God wonders) when we review the invaders’ terminological equation since the dawn of the invasion.

First there were irregulars and terrorists; right after there were insurgents and a bit later on they turned into vile Saddamists-Sunni insurgents that lived in the triangle. As time went by there were El Sadr/death militias and simultaneously! Al Qaeda-link-(Saddmists). More recently we have vile Sunni-Saddamists insurgents turned into ‘national patriotic Sunni resistance’! to fight both Al Qaeda-link-(?) and the Shiite death militias who turned resistance!

Today, however, there are Shiite resistance (previously Shiite death militias) turned insurgents, and the patriotic national Sunni resistance turning into official Patriotic Army, lawfully protected!, to fight both Al Qaeda-link-(?), and the Shiite death militia, which turned resistance that turned insurgents.

So, in four years we have terrorists (irregulars) = insurgents = hateful Saddamists-Sunni insurgents = national patriotic Sunni resistance = official Patriotic Army; and El Sadrs/ Shiite death militias = resistance = insurgents!!! … E=MC²

’aman rubbi aman’!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Al Maliki & Talabani form an alliance

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Invaders’ Insurgency widens to include the terrorist Takfiris (so-called Al Qaeda)!!

BC -

As Baghdad gets hit by a curfew quake (The Khdamain march) through out this weekend, the Invaders widen their insurgency build up by recruiting more insurgent ranks, and their latest pick is the Janab tribe – the fiercest and one of the most vicious tribes pertaining existing Takfiri terrorists, just north of the Halla province.

More than 2 years ago the Janab tribes were life-long-sworn infidles' foes that had one main objective: busting the invaders. However, as the sectarian war officially commenced in early 2006 – thanks to the Saudi (Cheney’s allies) Takfiris, the Janabs momentarily shifted their priorities to yet another sole objective and that is breaking the thorn of the pro-Iranians in Iraq.

The Janab insurgents have been armed with American made advanced weapons to combat mainly the Shiite resistance in Halla.

The Janabs pledge of allegiance to the invaders rhymes to the American proverb “old habits are hard to break” as the invaders are once again creating safe heaven (Afghanistan 1980s) to the Takfiris to help fight a proxy war. Furthermore, and since their debut (the insurgent janabs) the unknown mutilated bodies found in the province streets have tripled.

Until such time and as objectives achieved there will be another Zarqawi killed in daring and heroic action in Halla, so the Iraqis could cheer their daft destiny for a few days!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Insurgency – Los Rambos

BC -

The invaders have finally managed to create the first pattern of insurgency (non-governmental organization – NOG!) based on most intricate and convoluted maze of tribal and ethnic interconnectivities, reminiscing of Saddam’s past time social ligature that stitched power hubs like flimsy beads.

The insurgents’ primary objective is to penetrate the Iraqi resistance cells and to exterminate its leaders, however, and as it may seem, they are anything but focused.

Case study is Al-Khadra area – north of Hai Al-Qudat (famous for Takfiri heaven). The invaders have scanned the entire area and literally broken every house-door searching for resistance and Takfiris. Entire neighborhoods were turned into open house over 2 days of ‘frisking’ under hovering copters. In the end the invaders pulled away and bizarre Rambo-style-ensemble dressed insurgents closed in and began to occupy houses in various areas to watch out for any possible Iraqi resistance activities. After half day of calmness a hell of fiery weapons descended onto Al Khadra area when a triangle of death between the Iraqi resistance, the Takfiris and the insurgents embossed itself resolutely.

After 24 hours of living hell, motley mobs of non-defined armed men – some say they’re Takfiris (Saudi Islamic state of Iraq) other talks about resistance, took control of the entire area, and began to empty the houses and later proclaimed the district officially clean of any infidels! and invaders.

One thing for sure, there were no sign of Los Ramobs left in the streets!!

Meanwhile, and on the other side of the capital the Iraqi engineer - head of engineering division for rebuilding El Sarafiya Bridge has been assassinated.

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