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Baath, the Next Generation.

BC -

The mediocrity of Bremer’s decision to dissolve the Iraqi army right after the fall had probably surpassed that of some fifteen century Europeans when they thought current America was India. In fact, the Iraqi army at that time was anything but total Baath, and the flatness of Mr. Bremer gave the Saddamists a golden opportunity on a titanium plate when he rid of the very institution that could have helped re-institutionalizing ‘Iraq sans-Baath’. Perhaps Bremer’s Knight Templar vision was bigger than that of Nixon’s four more years, which made him believe – at least for the first few weeks, that bulky ‘Pentagonistas’ with miserable war record – Hawaii, Hiroshima, Hanoi , Korea, Serbia … could rule the Mesopotamia with a saucy character like this man

… of course, the rest is rusty history.

Al Kalasi, AL Baghdadi, Al Muradi (pro-Baath communist party), A. Al Zeebari (Kurdistan), EL-Douri faction, southerner Shiites. Al Dhari and Ulama Al Muslimeen will head an amalgam of resistance in Syria to discuss government in exile with wide political platform. The common objective is recognition after their unprecedented resistance success. Younis Al-Hamad is excluded from the gathering due to his inclination towards political dialogue with the invaders – AL-Hamad’s personnel attended the Prague meeting with a few invaders’ elements.

The plan for the after-fall Baath resistance was well-thought in late 2002 and it entailed precise operations (240 efficient leaders) with logistic supports that will last for 25 years. Jalil Ahmed Haboush (the invaders’ Iraqi-Takriti rat before the war) has informed the invaders of such plan but his warning was passed unheeded. Weapons have been hidden in segments/areas that will make each resistance unit independent with its proper enabler tools. Dress codes are variables and a few ex-army Baathist officials have gotten rid of their uniforms until victory prevails. One of the most prominent confrontation with the invaders was during Falluja I when overtly-confident Baath resistance kept their uniform intact with the red-colored triangle badge on (the republican guards)

The Baath’s objective after the total defeat of the invaders will be resolving the ‘pro-Iranians!’ problem in Iraq. As per one of their Islamist leaders from Muosel “if they don’t accept concessions then we may have to poison them all to death!)

The Sadrists are aware of future changes, and are maintaining course of resistance as a sole form of salvation.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

License to kill

BC -

A while ago the invaders boasted their strategy of granting the Iraqi civilians license to kill members of Al Qaeda in Iraq. This video shows how a man is cheering - in foul language - his victorious triumph of killing what he deemed Al Qaeda members in total absence of the law – evidence, witness, defense lawyer, prosecutor, cross examination and a judge. The only obvious intention probably was retaliation or self-defense in lawless land!!

BC wonders just who are the real victims in the above video: those who lived because they pulled the trigger faster or those who are laid dead? Or even those innocent who frequently get caught in between? Perhaps everyone has been victimized. The world citizens are once again fighting a proxy war and paying the price dearly for the vile and terrorizing works (Reagan’s Takfiri Freedom Fighters and Suicide Bombers) as outcome of the cold war between the invaders and the ex-USSR in Afghanistan.

Iraqis may have to get a grip to their reality and comprehend that War on Terror is a war against all the vice and havoc done by both the invaders and ex-Soviet Union to control global resources. And this war is rarely won like in Vietnam but in most cases it turns nations to poorest countries/regions in the world like in Laos, Cambodia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mozambique, Chechnya, and many examples cover every continent in the world.

It is a choice that we need to make; do we carry on with this war on terror and keep on cleaning up the feces behind the superpowers or to heed to reasoning and become a self-determined, Mesopotamian-constitutionalized nation?

BC champions the latter.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Al Maliki : government can take control of security situation

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Water War

BC -

Baghdad has become the first modern capital in the world to actually experience the Water War which is widely thought to be the future world war III

There wasn't any fresh drinking water in large parts of Baghdad and for 4 days. We had a mere of 5 liters of water a day in our house of 4 bedrooms.

In some areas the water trickled down to zero since last week. The invaders had cut off the water in Al-Khadimiya area since morning as a retribution for Al-Khadimiya’s residents’ support for the Sadrists.

The Water War commenced since the confrontation between the Sadrists and the invaders backed armed forces escalated in El-Shula, Al-Biya, Al-Thawra and Al-Ammel – all have been isolated separately.

Al-Maliki has, for the first time and unintentionally, uncovered the big game behind the myth of the Shia crescent, when he coined some Sadrtists elements as Baathists in disguise!! Which triggered the ancient struggle within the Shia sect between one faction that supports the Ayatollah state (in favor: Maliki, Hakim, Iran, the invaders, and the Baathists) and the counter faction that supports Ahl El-Bayt state - which stipulates a future emergent Imam that will rule the nation (in favor: Sardrists and Ahl El-Sahan)

When the invaders wage propaganda warfare by insinuating Muqtada’s escape to Iran, they are in fact playing the internecine deep-rooted faith differences between the Iranians and the Shia culture of Iraq. If Sadr is in Iran it means his large number of his followers are left without a divine providence and will be under the merci of Ayatollahs. Bear in mind, more than 70% of Iraqi soldiers that fought the Iran-Iraq war were Shiites!

Baghdad’s streets have turned empty and sordid. No heavy military hardware is seen as before. It is believed they are drawn into Diyala region. Areas like El-Dura and Hai Al-Adel have turned into regional Islamic governments with their own officials! Some Green Zone employees have not yet received their salaries and prices are going through the roof. People again are talking about an imminent change.

Al Maliki has finally thrown in the towel to the neo Baathists and their new allies – the invaders. But one thing remains certain and that is no voice can hitherto be louder than the resistance – not even the Takfiris suicide bombs.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Dream Team Resistance!


A new front resistance line has been formed as a base to consolidate El-Dhari, Al-Khalasi and El-Douri’s forces to out-maneuver the recent invaders’ tactics to accommodate faction of Baathists ex-resistance under the former’s umbrella.

A reporter informed BC that the new resistance management program has been drawn in emergency meeting between resistance groups in light of the aftermath of the invaders push into the Dyala region.

The objectives of the new operations are to be more elaborated, lethal and concise in different geo-specific areas; also, enormous resources have been dedicated for the same!

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Jackass of the Month: Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson

BC -

Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson, deputy chief of staff for resources and sustainment of the so-called MNF-I (Multi National Force – Iraq) has boasted in an Arabic written communiqué, the great achievement of the invaders by hiring ‘200 nos’!! Iraqis in the last 4 years in the industrial sectors at Camp Eco. Also, he brags about hiring ‘two’! and up to 20 Iraqis for a few projects that are due to be completed after the summer 2007.

BC would like to know what kind of Mickey Mouse industrial projects are those that for the past four years managed to employ a mere 200 Iraqis?!! Before the invasion a fully-automated Iraqi factory (with high profits on return) for Air conditioning units hired more than 200 workers including the logistic team.

Brig. Anderson adds that he is seriously encouraging ‘small’ projects for Iraqis so they can get their acts together – you bet, Brig. Anderson!

Perhaps Brig. Anderson is ignoramus enough about the history of Iraq’s industrial power since the times of British colonialism of last century so he could pull an insolent stunt as such, but with similar employment figures he certainly won’t be missed out as a laughing-stock back in his home country.

Monday, July 02, 2007

El Mozote - Iraq

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