Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fellatio session in progress

Monday, July 14, 2008

Qaeda Lite


Today Baghdadis are much better off than 1 year ago in terms of security and thanks to Al-Qaeda ‘Lite’ in Hai Al Jamiya, AL-Doura, Al-Ghazaliya, Al-Daoudie, Hai Al-Addel and of course Al Adamiya, and also special thanks to the Iranians that made the aforementioned possible by forcing the US regime in Iraq to negotiate a tentative settlement with the Baathists and Al Qaeda (Lite) in order to one-voice talk to the Iraqi government with regards to the alliance pact.

We are quite delighted that we are no longer worried about the daily security situation in many parts of Fort Baghdad and until 10pm (when the night gangsters begin to roam the city!) The current security status gives us ample freedom to go shopping, eat out at restaurants, visit our relatives (not quite freely for some areas where only women are preferred to venture into, like AL-Ghazaliya & Hai Al Jamiya). Also, we are grateful to the fact that no ID is being asked for when crossing between neighbourhoods, yet men have to be quite aware that going to some areas like Adamiya, Hai Al-Addel or Al Huriya will still require sect IDs and preferably avoid going there period. Nonetheless, it is wonderful to feel that no more daily car bombs or suicide bombers are in the streets. Everyone seems to abide by the law and the numbers of the unknown dead bodies have trickled or occasionally a few bodies are being truck-delivered to the authority when it is necessary!

There are however quite a few people who cannot leave their homes at all times due to the constant threats from the different political gangsters, and still are some who are being ‘nicely’ asked to relocate or not to work with unfavoured sect partners. Al Karada is quite happening and even alcohol can be found in some places there, thanks to the relaxed policies of Jaish Al Mahdi. Palestine street on the other hand is considered a bless (open and full of shops and people). But the side streets in general are either dirty or extremely filthy.

The general talks nowadays are about the indecisiveness of the politicians in dealing with the invaders and also the appalling power struggle amongst all players. One thing is dead certain and that is confidence in whoever we see in the news is ZERO. We already know that future voting will only result in political alliance – favouritism, nepotism etc. rather than human efficiency in dealing with our problems.

A few Baghdadis, out of shear hopelessness, are betting on the fact that an alliance pact with the American military rule may bring some stability and Oil companies! to Iraq as one friend said to me ‘we Iraqis still consider ourselves cave people’!

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