Monday, April 30, 2007

Anthropoid behind wheels

Al Tarrar -

anencephalic invader was apparently
showing his California Highway Patrol disciplines in our streets while driving a Hummer.

The above clip demonstrates the uncivilized psycho-mentality of some of our invaders; complete absent of mannerism, total lack of respect for human lives, and freaking poop-in-pants life-preserved paranoia.

Could our readers tell how did this Pongidae invader get his driving license, and what was he on during this madness flee?

BC recommends him as a personal chauffeur for Mr. David Petraeus!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The young wife of Ba’shiqa

Al Tarrar -

The story of the horrific ethnographic killing of the woman of Ba’shiqa, which was inaccurately told by a popular Iraqi website, is one of the most damning examples of Iraq bleak future.

Ba’shiqa is a town situated between Dhuk and Mosul in northern Iraq and it is 100% inhabited by Yezidis (is a grafted religion of Zoroastrian, Manichaean, Jewish, Nestorian Christian and Islam)

During the Saddam era the Yezidis enjoyed total religious freedom to include practicing their own scared rituals and, also, the rights to taking up jobs in the rest of the communities.

A couple of months back a Yezidi young lady converted into Islam with the consent of her parents, to marry her Muslim lover. And later on she married him in Kurdistan, Iraq. The conversion of a Yezidi into any other religion is a punishable sin!

When the young husband was taking his wife back to her town, Ba’shiqa, they were stopped at a government military check point at the town border, and they were denied a permission to travel together because as the check point security told them: ‘Please spare us the headache of the Yezidis’ affairs!!!’

They let the wife to pass and ordered the husband to turn back. However, the wife was kept for three days at a police station pending the arrival of her parents to pick her up, but they parents were never informed!! Instead a mob of angry Yezidis turned up and rampaged into the station and drag her out into an open public place and tore her cloths off and crushed her to death.

The killing scene was filmed on mobile and was later sent across to people in Irbil and Mosul. BC yesterday received a copy of the devastating clip which shows the young wife’s head (she was bloody semi-naked) crushed to death with a concrete block by angry unmasked men, and BC refrains from showing it.

A few hours after the killing scene the parents were told about their daughter demise, which made them to angrily seek immediate revenge for the madness, and they informed the Mujahdeen of Mosul about the malicious killing of their Muslim daughter. The Mosul’s Mujahdeen (Baathists-Douri faction, Saudi (Cheney’s ally)-financed terrorist Takfiris, Islamic resistance and elements of the ex-CIA Afghan Takfiris) took the matter into their hands and retaliated by killing 11 Yezidi workers.

Years back matters as such were never blown out of proportion, and when such incident occurred the central authority would have intervened to resolve this delicate matter rather than ‘sparing the headache of the Yezidis’ affairs!’

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Diyala Job


The Diyala job, which took the lives of several soldiers from Jaish El-Pentagon, is the work of what appears to be the first sign of cooperation between the Takfiris and the Iranian backed resistance.

A while ago a local reporter informed BC that there is in fact an existing channel in place, through which the Islamic state of Diyala is procuring weapons via a Kurdish connection from Iran to combat the invaders.

The Islamic state of Diyala – independent of the Saudi-financed terrorist Takfiris (those who car-bomb both the Shiites and Sunnis civilians in Iraq), is a mix of neocon hard-line Baathists (in direct cut-throat conflict with the recently recruited large number of invaders-backed Baathists) and home grown Takfiri resistance (Saddam’s past life-time enemies).

Diyala has literally been sect-cleansed 6 months ago. Also, the Kurds reside in the northern part of it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April in Paris!

A Lovely spring day in April 2007 in Hai Al-Jamiya, Baghdad

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


BC – Analysis:

The PM, Mr. Al Maliki has never been as close and tight-up to the Whitehouse as nowadays. Some say he is even more of a Washington man than Mr. Karzi of Afghanistan. But it all comes with a price!!

Since the reprieve that Mr. Al Malaki was granted by the occupiers’ authority since November of last year the political landscape of the invaded land has been transformed in every shape and color, which was well-observed and received! by the few political parties that eventually prompted the process of de-textualising the game-rules and the commencement of the sordid ‘black-mail politique’

The withdrawal of the Fhadila party from the ruling coalition (the Fhadila party is 80% Shiites ex-Baahtists; the ex-Baath party consisted of more than 50% Shiites like Mr. Alawi) was the first trace of smoke that was coming from behind the screen – the Plan Surge: the smokescreen of all battles!

And while the Iraqi independent Islamic resistance has been busily confronting the occupiers and the Saudi-financed terrorist Takifirs our PM has been forced into softening the debaathification law, the re-introduction of senior republican guards (mostly anti-Islamic resistance from the days of Saddam and after!), acceptance of senior ex-regime officials in the Interior Ministry and the National Guards and the avoidance of the ex-Baathist elements in the Iraqi secret service under the guardianship of the CIA.

Conversely, the rare shrewdness of Mr. Al Sadr; with some tips from his Iranian agents in Baghdad has helped him disappeared from and less fooled by the heat of the battle arena (he was in Nejef all his time) since Plan Surge was commenced, and he has been more focused on the political arena. Although he was lured into battle with the invaders in El Dewaniya and had been discredited for escaping into Iran, he has in fact outwitted the ill-fated Washington theorists regarding Al Sadr movement. He has even fooled the occupiers’ tanks into leisurely cruising Al Thawra city (Sadr). Today he follows suit of Fhadila party (his unparallel power party competitor and Alawi’s ally) and officially withdraws from the government. And by doing so he left the doors wide open for the inventible change.

Although the Iranian-backed death militias have been recently involved in the physical extermination of ex-Iraqi army officials it is deemed that’s been done to prevent the bridging of the Iraqi ex-regime with the invaders authority but on the expense of killing innocent Iraqis.

The eccentricity of some western media to finally speak out of the Iranian involvement in training of Shiites and now some Sunnis resistance is just a latent cry for the much needed blatant vision of Iraq, that’s to say: ‘No one does it better than a ex-Baathist’!!

Mr. El Dulaimi has been for more than a week contemplating to withdraw support for the government and to join Mr. Al-Mutlaq in a coalition front with that of Alawi’s, while Mr. Alawi is rigorously pushing for political alliance and has been preaching amongst the power elite in the GZ and his Oh la-la social scene in Jordan for a government change. As for Mr. Al Hakim and his little son they have been quite busy in crafting out the Southern Federal boundaries.

However, the question remains is whether Al-Dawa party is adamant about an irreversible change in Iraq’s future, or is it capable to adapt to the new realities after having settled scores with Saddam, and start turn the clock hands counter-clockwise? It’s a tough choice to make for surviving, but it’s a maddening choice of survival!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The parliament bombing is hailed by many Iraqis!!

Baghdad social-scene watch:

The bombing of the parliament which claimed a lot more victims than it was officially confirmed has been cheered for by many Iraqis (Shiites and Sunnis alike) and amongst their private circles!! Many Iraqis believe that the politicians have finally had a taste of the bitter drug (the war-related streets violence) which the normal Iraqis have to take its daily dosage while their politicians are happily immune behind their green hedges.

This sad assessment demonstrate the obtuse realities of the Green Zone or the Green as referred to by its residents, and the daft psychedelic concept behind its relevance as a fort for the power-elite while the rest of the 'commoners' are being slaughtered everyday out side its humongous concrete slabs.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Fish called Majida

Mjida Mohammad, 40, is the current Manageress of the Media Department of Royal Association of Iraqi Migrants in Jordan. The same association that ran Arbaeen (Muslims and Jews commemorate the death of loved ones after 40 days of its occurrence) of the ex-president of Iraq Saddam Hussein with reciting Quran verses and serving black Arabic coffee.

Ms. Majida, with somewhat OK official CV - journalist for a local Jordanian newspaper and editor of children magazine Al Ajil, also, her hobby is meeting people of different backgrounds! has been organizing the above-mentioned non-governmental organization to recruit Iraqi pundits and intellectuals who fled abroad to help save Iraq from its current horrific ordeal.

After the organization last meeting (the Granada Meeting) Ms. Majida has concluded in an email blast that the result of the meeting was NOTHING. And she wanted to know (by writing) what are the participants’ current resources, and where do they get them from?! Also, how those resources can be channeled in the right directions?

When BC has run a check on Ms. Majida in Baghdad it turned out that she is well-connected with the invaders’ authority, yet Ms. Majida maintains good contacts in Jordan with exiled Baathist businessmen!!

We believe Majida is a fish that swims murky waters, and she is an example of those hidden elements that connect the invaders with the ex-regime – the Baathists. And perhaps when the stakes are high then she might even overnight become a double-informer. For those who would like to swarm her waters then they must be aware that while she is good in nibbling on water crumbs the baits are left for the rest to indulge on!

Friday, April 13, 2007

The bombing of the Parliament

GZ- Eyewitness:

38 people have been killed and 18 have been wounded including 8 Americans in the blast of what appears to be a suicide bomber. Amongst the instantly killed are 8 nos Sadrists, 3 nos. of the Mr. Mutlaq’s list including Mr. Mohd. Awad and 4 MPs from El Tawafuq (including Al Jabouri and Al Jumayli). Other bodies were taken folded from the bombing site.

Mr. Wa’el Abdullatif and Dhafir Al Ani are seriously injured in the blast.

It all happened during the 15 minutes break where most MPs were having a tea-break at the cafeteria, and a sudden blast hit the area that shattered all the windows. Immediately right after all the doors were shut and non one was allowed to leave the building and a group of occupier marines (US marines) were brought in instantly to secure the site. The authority said everyone is under suspicion and no one could leave. The questioning and taking evidences commenced abruptly.

One official was saying that the suicide could have been carried out by a VIP guard or even an MP!!!

The burned and diced bodies were strewn all over the cafeteria and adjacent corridors.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

bridge in water

Streets Streaks - Eyewitness

Al Sarafiya Bridge that links Al- Kargh to Al-Resafa and over-looks the Adhamiya Cornish has been detonated and some parts collapsed into the Tigris River.

It is not sure what was the real work behind the collapse of the historic bridge – dates back from the first British invasion of 20th century. Eyewitness confirms two simultaneous explosions at two different points of the bridge that caused the havoc.

The bridge was an important and sole crossing for the Kasra and Adhamiya areas into the Khargh side.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Devil’s Trident

Streets Streaks (eyewitness):

Until a while ago Adahmiya has witnessed an armed confrontation between 1. terrorizing Saudi cults (Takfiris, so-called Al Qaeda), 2. the Islamic resistance and 3. the government army units backed by the invaders forces. The battle turned chaotic, which forced the Iraqi army units to pull back to the Kasra Area while the battle carried on under the observation of 2 nos. helicopters!!

The situation resulted in blocking main streets to even include the Palestine Street. Also, 3 nos. unknown dead bodies were found near Al Sulaigh area.


Just down from the Adhamiya area El Fadahl was embroiled too in a major confrontation with the invaders and a US helicopter was seen catching a fire.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

British Press

1. British soldiers speak of captivity ordeal in Iran

2. Jordan!

3. Six British soldiers killed in Basra

4. And the Beckhams move to USA


Thursday, April 05, 2007

People make gifts, gifts make people

The government is considering a hike in MPs salaries by up to 30% and prior to rectifying the Oil PSA laws by the parliament! whereas the parliament members are demanding 100% increase!!

Currently each MP gets USD 10,000/month + free housing + paid transportation + paid 20 Nos. security guards + paid private Medicare+ 80% salary pension for life.

Average Iraqi employee gets USD 120-200/month
No housing
No transportation
0 Nos. security guards
No private Medicare or any care
70% salary pension for life

… and all is under foreign occupation.

Damned; even the Soviet Communist Party was much merciful than that!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Will Power and not the Well Power


A Tender has been circulated to drilling companies from the US, Europe and Asia for drilling of 100 Oil wells in both Miysan and Basra (southern provinces) in Iraq.

These companies have been asked to collect the tender documents and submit their offer to the South Oil Company for review. Bid Closing Date: May 1, 2007

This move has superseded any counterarguments to the controversial Oil PSA Law, which the government cabinet has endorsed yet our parliament (the people) still needs to rectify it!!

This clearly demonstrates that the government agenda is not in parallel with the people will power.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Dr. Rydha Al Quraishi has been assassinated

Dr. Rydha Al Quraishi was the dean deputy of the school of economics at the Mustansiriy University and the sole responsible for the security of the university. Yesterday he was kidnapped and shot dead right after while on his way to work.

Dr. Ryida Al Quraishi, 30 years, was a liberal Sadrist who was a college live-in professor for the first two years of the invasion in order to keep an eye on the security situation of the university.

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