Monday, January 29, 2007

This will be some burnt Turkey!

Security Sources:

Today there is a senior Shummer tribe member, Mr. M. in Amman, Jordan to have a second-round, close door meeting with an American state department official to discuss the fate of Kirkuk, Iraq.

The takes at the meeting entail of sending Turkish ‘peacekeeper’ forces! to protect the city. The Turkish authority has apparently “agreed if the Americans give the final green light” said Mr. M

Friday, January 26, 2007

Would you spare a Kalashnikov?

BC - streets streaks :

Since the violence in the Haifa street has died down, in our district the Mujahadeen are going door-to-door asking for replenishment of ammunitions and Kalashnikovs!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The wild Otter of Iraq


Back in the seventies West Germany was engaged with a single sourced of ‘endangered-specious’ fur trading from the Middle East; and that was Iraq!

The Otter of Iraq (locally is called the waterdog) that lived and still lives in the southern part of the country - Al Ahwar – Hwor Al Hammar (marshland), whence the esoteric story of the prophet Ibraheem (Abraham) is originated, carries one curse on its back and that is its luscious, soft and warm skin.

The Otter (Eurasian) - with unusual huge body, well-formed hexagon snout and gray-brownish fur, lives in secluded communities and rears its playful babies on reeds. He/she dates back to the Babylonian era. Alexander’s senior juntas wore its fur after they invaded the city 300 years before Caesar. In more recent history Sheik Ghazal of Arabstan wore it and the fur was also sent as gifts to ancient British dignitaries.

Some say the Otter had migrated north from the Arabstan region (modern day Iran) while others refute the same by attributing it as an introduced specious brought by the Persian Empire when Qourash (Emperor of Persia) sacked Babel 500 years before the consummation of Antonio and Cleopatra.

30 years ago a few Baghdad merchants approached West Germany’s fur traders and exhibited a rare fur that begot instant approval by the industry. Which prompted the commencement of the Otter fur trade with ex-western block (W. Germany). Since then the Otter began a different journey in life and most were born and reared in captivity awaiting their sudden slaughter.

The trade gained momentum and the returns of profits were enormous. The trend caught attention of the deceased Saddam’s cartel and eventually the trade operation went through change of hands. Permissions to trade with the Otter fur were cancelled and the authority confiscated (Eminent domain!) the rearing farms. It was Mr. Arshad Yaseen, Saddam’s sister’s husband that had had the ‘luxury’ to take over the entire Otter fur trade with West Germany.

Mr. Yaseen had enlarged the farms and received generous government support to run the operation. Bear in mind this entire change of laws and bureaucratic adjustments was just to cater for an Otter skin sold to the west!

After his humiliated defeat in the Kuwait adventure Saddam diverted two thirds of the marshland in 1991 and used pesticide to kill the vegetations so he could only flush off the members of the southern uprising that found refuge in the marshland. The remaining wild Otters were the first victims and many had to adapt by abruptly migrating to different levels of waters but tens of them were fatally trapped in poisonous and dried lands.

Just before the invasion of Iraq in 2003 most of the Otters farms were gone and the wild Otter of Iraq has never fully recovered from its tattering destiny, even though the marshland was re-submerged in 2004.

Recently a southerner government official is contemplating to revive this industry. This industry is sick, vile and ugly. It is malicious and inhuman. It is just as sick as using animal bombs to combat our current invaders.

Some may say that in this messy Iraq with daily scores of killings of people who would give an eye-blink about some Otter being slaughtered? They’re damn right. This is mankind’s mess and killings; so let’s keep the other specious out of it.

Monday, January 15, 2007

DNO scoops more crude while Shell, BP and Exxonmobil are set for 30 years gain

Al Tarra:

The Norwegian Upstream Oil Company, DNO has raised its stake in oilfields in Iraq’s Kurdistan to 55% from 40% in agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Currently Iraqi’s Kurdistan is maintaining inflationary pace of close to 100 per cent (average housing @ USD 1000/month and average salaries @ USD 100/month!) The electricity grid has been reduced two hours a day compared with four hours 5 months ago.

Meanwhile, the US-drafted Production-Sharing Agreements (PSAs) for the Oil sector selectively favor Shell, BP and Exxonmobil who are set to take up to 75% of the total profits until they had covered their initial drilling costs. Bear in mind Iraqi’s wells are already dug-in holes and the drilling costs should only include debottlenecking – In the past Iraq had carried out post-wars debottlenecking for the Oil up & down-stream sectors at 25% costs of the total profits!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Climbing the abyss

BC –

The pre-madness is underway in Al-Amariya, Adahmiya and Al Dawoody ‘de la Fronteras’ and it commenced since 2 days before the eve when the occupiers’ leader announced an extra round number of 21,500 soldiers to dispatch for Iraq.

Our offices are filled with live-in employees – Shiites, Sunnis and Christians who have been forced out of their homes during the last 3 days. The mapping/cleansing of the sect-areas is in preparation for the anticipated Battles of the Militias. The mentioned areas have become institutionalized Forts with admin apparatus quite separate from that of the central government.

Al Thawra city Watch:

Al Thawra city is in full alert and Jaish Al Mahdi has reinforced its battalions with pre-intent scheme, and since 5 days a total-war preparation is underway. Young men are seen with hand grenades and assault weapons at all times while the city is in a status of semi curfew. Mr. Al Sadr has called for a fight until Imam Al Mahdi reappears (Imam Al Mahdi disappeared almost 800 years ago)

Al Sadr has ordered his assistants “to fight on for freedom in the coming ‘joint operation’ of the Takfiris, the Saddamists and the invaders, and the fight must go on even when I will pass as a martyr of Islam!”

However, many believe the humble surge in Jaish Al Pentagon (some have already arrived!) is a PR moot as the existing forces are capable to inflect the same havoc when the battle begins. If ever, then a political vacuum regardless of the outcome will take place, and eventually will make way for the rise of new 'democratic' totalitarianism from the death ashes.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Death Penalty; that bleeding wound of humanity

Although it may have seemed a standard execution conducted by the D’awa Party at a signal coming from the occupiers; the real issue behind the pre-politically-dead Saddam and his gallows is not about justice, or about the ancient Hammurabi codes, or even about a mere sects/tribal vendetta; the real social-recursive, termite-gnawing dilemma is the Death Penalty.

One of the common denominators that Pre-2003 Iraq had shared with our primary occupiers (besides a joint loath for the Iranians and the inclination towards the Wahhabis – capitalists Takfiris) is the capital punishment, and it was for laws as such that the illegal war on Iraq was daftly considered doable.

Let’s make on thing clear that is with respects to Saddam, justice could have only be served if he were left alive to witness, behind bars, the great heroism of the Iraqi nation - of only three colors and stars - to go through the peaceful process of a Greek-Mesopotamian democratization. Of course, for the obvious reasons none of the aforementioned was perceived and instead we have a deja uv Victorian colonialism /internecine sects to rampage our civilities.

Our occupiers have a long lasting experience with the death penalty (Rites of Terror) as a forfeit and a deterrent to their civic crimes (approx 35,000/annual violence related deaths) and they could be considered masters in staging controversial executions – whether in digital colored images on major networks or in flimsy 1930’s black & white, as long as the end result bears its fruits; and this time the outcome amounted to a larger division amongst the ‘victimized’ Iraqis.

The very basic of Rites of Passage is Spontaneous Communitas which calls for a quality of relatedness to rise in egalitarian situation amongst those who intersect in an event that generates high emotions. This is the very foundation of humanity that helps to construe its textures and what makes it survive in the ever-changing life circumstances. The outcome of the Spontaneous Communitas is a post liminal stage through which people diverge/converge into clusters to form separate egalitarian models.

The hanging of the Saddam on the first ritual day of religious festivities – when myths, fears, etc are at highest echelon, will produce a ritual ‘sacrificial’ victim for those who deem Saddam is turned into a martyr, and ritual ‘sacrificeacble’ victim for those who deem Saddam is a punishable murderer. And no one will ever escape these reflexive thoughts, as both violence and ‘scaredism’ are universal.

“In many rituals the sacrificial acts assumes two opposing aspects, appearing at times as sacred obligation (Saddam is a death-punishable murderer)…, at other times a sort of criminal activity entailing perils of equal gravity (Saddam is a martyr)” (Girard, 1992)

Those two head-on colliding emotions will form the core of the arising ideologies in anti-structural situations (a Shiites – Sunnis collision!)

Conversely, once the sacrificial subject (Saddam) is turned into a neophyte (post-liminality) during the process of the judicial system. His rejection to the world of the new structure will trigger a classic separation from that same world by submitting himself to renunciation and the submission to the ‘divine’. Becoming more like gods, he refused to acknowledge the new social order and became nihilistic, and as with the ‘Heaven’s Gate’ members he had eventually committed suicide while he was reciting ritual verses during the act.

Therefore, the Death Penalty has become a ritual act within Rites of Terror rather than punishment within a civilized social order, while the criminal commits a ritual suicide amidst human divergence.

Humanity has suffered tremendously from the Death Penalty. And superpowers like China and the USA are still using it as a tool to accommodate the masses rather than doing justice by implying that the punishment served the cause. In reality no death punishment could serve a cause unless the criminal renounces his divinity.

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