Friday, June 30, 2006

Terrorists negotiator on educational panel!

Back in the 80s the US government appointed Ms. Charito Kruvant (left, bowed to Ms. Rice) as the Contra terrorists negotiator to talk the US-financed Contra terrorists into laying their arms after waging an illegal warfare against Nicaragua, that cost thousands of innocent lives.

As per the Centre for Public Integrity of the USA “In the late 1980s, Creative (International Associates) received USAID and Defense Department funding to help demobilize and provide civilian training for the Contras, anti-communist ‘guerrillas!’ in Nicaragua who had fought the Sandinistas. After the first Bush administration and Congress agreed to stop all military aid to the Contras in 1989, the Defense Department contracted Creative to help persuade the Contras to lay down their arms. (Ms.) Kruvant reportedly helped to convince the Contras that the Nicaraguan government wouldn't execute them if they surrendered”

Also, according to this Ms. Kruvant is considered one of the most powerful women in the USA.

Today Ms. Kurvant is helping the Ministry of Education of our country through her DC based Creative International Associates (60% her propriety) to run educational programs, which according to our source - senior Iraqi professors who are quite familiar with Ms. Kruvant’s educational methods - those programs are way below our educational standards. Also, the source adds that with reference to Iraq the concept of Creative International Associates in its totality is a scam meant for a good stash grab. One example is when Ms. Kurvant had implemented an educational system in our provinces, the system turned out to be an equivalent to some forum of chat-line!

Today the Iraqi News Agency ran a flippant and saucy piece of news on how Creative International Associates will launch a costly program to help turning the education system in Iraq into an e-edu, so will provide comprehensive support to include information retrieving system, admin & exam systems, warehouse and school buildings etc. which will facilitate daily activities of the Education Ministry’s employees by cutting down on the amount of time ‘waste’ when they look up their vacation & leave schedules online!

Our source is quite perplexed that Ms. Kruvant (origin of Bolivian Argentinean and finally American) is still offering services for the ministry or even being in Iraq for that matter. She could probably find a soft landing in South America or other chosen man-made 3rd world disasters where she can negotiate with warlords or terrorists, but on our turf we really deem it’s big time for unpaid retirement to the old lady.

Bon Voyage Ms. Kruvant...Go Home.

Monday, June 26, 2006

To be old & wise one first needs to be young & silly

El sayed Al-Hasany (under dictatorship)

El sayed Al-Hasany (under occupation)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Necessity is blind until it becomes conscious

The Iraqi government froze all bank accounts belonging to the Federation of Oil Iraqi Workers inside and outside Iraq. This decision is in the wake of a series of actions taken against professional associations to include the Bar Association. And all activities of the workers will be considered illegal.

These measures taken against the Unions are pretext by the promise of a future publication of the law of the 'regulation' union organizations of workers and their activities.

This action along the lines of former US Governor of Iraq Paul Bremer and procedures enacted in 2004, Bremer has stated that the activity of the workers in the state is illegal.

Iraq's enormous Oil wealth to create a joint production processes as conventions, which prevented effective control over every feature of the policy of the Iraqi oil production and marketing, turning to the Oil companies worldwide.

The union of Oil workers is the most opposed to this policy. It organized conferences against privatization in the past year and expects another one this

In other news:

Iraq oil output hits a new high!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Morbid Procession

Telecon. – Eyewitness:

A few hundreds of Iraqis gathered this morning in Al-Moheet Street on the bank of the Dijla river waiting for members of families and relatives who have been abducted (mainly employees of Al Nasr industries), slain and thrown into the river at the Al-Taji and Al-Taramiya area. The scene was ‘horrendous’ when a few bodies were being retrieved.

The majority of the gathered people were Shiites. And, apparently, it is part of the daily wrath of our imposed sectarian war.

Friday, June 23, 2006

July’s gig

Pundits Circle:

The word is that all the indicators are showing that it is almost certain that this year’s July Washington Mall celebration will be extended to Al-Fourdous square, Baghdad and “will all depend on the PM’s performance for the next few weeks.”

There are already sources close to the Americans in Iraq who are insinuating otherwise by throwing firecrackers just to gauge general public reactions - nice one!

It seems that the US Admin. have realized that the only logical Way Out and/or Partial Pull-Out of the US forces (so the Admin. could focus more on issues such as the
Guam Island project and to crack the grim available statistics) is to establish a Soft Martial Law Plan for the city of Baghdad some time in the month of July or August – old habits are hard to break – when many Iraqis are away on holidays (you bet we take holidays) and this Martial Law will be under the guardianship of a civil government – sort of Power Sharing Agreement – PSA.

The logistics are being worked out to include:

1. Allocation & integrating of the inner-government militias
2. Zoning of Baghdad (Lebanonization) – district/militia/army – west and east
3. Al Hakim Factor
4. Al Tayar Al-Sadri Factor

5. Army positioning of certain lieutenants from the pre-2003 government to ally forces amongst hardliners
6. Direct engagement of both Iran and Jordan (crucial to the plan) and the indirect involvement of Egypt
7. Cash float by Kuwaiti and Saudi banks to boost economic moral
8. Securing acceptance from Al Jamiya Al Arabiya (most participants are non-Democratic).

The timing is a key issue. The idea is to establish PM leadership on ‘Vote of Confidence’ bases and for a period of time until power-balance is achieved, and all would be under the umbrella of a ‘Tawa’f Army’ - Tawa’f comes from the Arab kings’ clans who for a short period were united in Islamic Spain.

Still, many Iraqis hope that the current PM could pull it in together.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lords of the Flies

Streets Streaks (eyewitness):

Today in Al Thawra city (Sadr) Abu Der’ra, his men and his admirers celebrated the
killing of Saddam defense lawyer. At around 11 am refreshments were served to the people in the streets and a heroic story is told of how the slain lawyer was car-paraded in Al Thawra city prior to his death.

BC –

Abu Der’ra (Jaish Al-Mahdi) is a product of subconscious resistance and conflicts based on stone-age economics. He is no better or worse than those US marines (Jaish Al-Pentagon) of the Haditha killings. When men are thrust through a threshold and gained power in a lawless environment, the aftermath is expressed in the suppression of the weak and in human sacrificial. However, this is one example of ‘mankind-victimized’ psychoanalysis, and there is a giant ocean of abstract world out there. That’s one reason why the invasion was fundamentally a mistake.

We have come to see that exercising forces and applying stiff-security plans have become a camouflage for the infiltrators killers in the security forces to liaise with gangs during night curfews, to commit horrific agenda-script crimes. The government and the invaders authorities are simply worthless in this hellish situation. The whole political apparatus to include the parliament is based on agenda-script crimes. And there is No Way Out.

How could the criminlas get passed check-points and take hostages to their ‘work sites’? How could corpses be dumped in fortified areas? Who could kill people even in the GZ? How can people leisurely streets-celebrate a murder without being apprehended? As one Iraqi writer rightfully coined today’s Iraq a killing culture.

Today there are public announcements for the extermination of our philosophers, writers, doctors, engineers; lawyers, professors etc and no one can do anything about it. We, the people, surely cannot take to the streets in peaceful demonstrations with candle lights in our hands to urge the end of violence, can we Mr. PM? And even if we do, would you be able to see us from your GZ?

The killing of a lawyer or a prosecutor in Iraq is a killing of prophet, is a killing of shamanist, is a killing of an aunt or an uncle, is a killing of a neighbor, and is a killing of a father or a mother. And unlike in other countries, our lawyers generally earn nothing but our venerate respect.

Abu Der’ra and his alike should get this straight; that when lawyers take a solemn oath at graduation to defend people as a sacred mission then you bet they will, and even if it’d cost them their lives. And they will defend not only Saddam but even those Lords of the Flies in hell like you and the Marines of Haditha.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Saddam World Cup Finals Update

Defense Lawyers: 3 dead

Prosecutors: 2 dead

Judicial System: ‘ZERO’

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Oil, Oil; you crude sludgy matter!

Monday, June 19, 2006

C++ Abu Der’ra

Streets Streaks (eyewitness):

Abu Der’ra – 44 years - seems to be the Big Gun in Al Thawra city (Sadr). He is famous for being an ace in knocking US tanks off their caterpillar tracks. That’s why he is hot. Also, he has a good eye sight and sniffing nose for terrorists!

Under his command there is a sleek fleet of vehicles, and the valet parking at his well-known Husseiniya is quite busy. Tens of men with heads bent downward are being ushered quite frequently. Abu Der’ra is well-respected in Al Thawra city for being a staunch opponent of the invaders.

Al Tarrar:

Let’s see; if it weren’t for the invaders and the terrorists that came in as a result, then Abu Der’ra and alike would have been just any other guy, squished and suppressed by Saddam along with our doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers etc.

Now that the invaders and/or the terrorists are in control we have Abu Der’ra and his alike in command and our doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers etc. are still squished and suppressed!


Invaders >= Abu Der’ra

Terrorists >= Abu Der’ra


Invaders = = Terrorists


Squished and suppressed doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers etc.


(Invaders >= Abu Der’ra; Invaders = = Terrorists_max; invaders = terrorist + Abu Der’ra_increment)

Saddam is missing from the compute!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Big Brother, the sequence – Episode, 164: Abu Der’ra!


Who will be nominated next and win in this action packed episode? Let’s find out.

After the eviction of Zarqawi and confessions made by Majlis Al Shura. Big Bother says that it needs to clear out another cot! But first they need to let the hamster in. The maggots in the GZ are a bit worried to name the next contender because they don’t really know these rodents yet, and there is only one big bedroom. Anyway, the scurry into the round door marked ‘more & more tweaks so long as 2008 is 120 episodes away!’

So here it goes; Abu Der’ra has just stepped onto the door mat. His rad name tells it all. He heads a group of dudes that belong to Jiash Al Mahdi, you know, this army used to dress like cool Caribbean pirates. His headquarter is in a well-known Hussieniya located in the chilled Thawra city (Sadr), which was once a school during the Saddam period but right after the invasion was converted into a Husseiniya.

2 weeks ago all the windows for this Husseiniya were screened off with white Styrofoam sheets! probably to keep the rituals sacred.

A lot of hip cars park out side the Husseiniya; sedans, 4-wheels, government vehicles and even ambulances as well as police cars. Apparently, the members of the sect are employed in different sectors, and they sometimes use the government cars in their raids. Raids!! Did we say raids?

Story goes that the mentioned Husseiniya is full of kidnapped men. Abu Der’ra is in the look out for instantaneous revenge. And his brain is adjusted to Newton’s third law of motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; but not exactly, because the reaction is taking a toll on the innocent people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is what happened after the abduction of the Taekwondo team.

The Taekwondo team, its majority pursued Abu Der’ra’s sect belief, was kidnapped in its entirety on its way back from Jordan. When Abu Der’ra was GSMd he at once rode his heels and flung his cape. He horded off his buccaneers and rampaged the city. He managed to round off every ‘Grouts’ supplier there was and escorted them to his Husseiniya as a pawn! yes. He later negotiated the release of the Taekwondo team in return for the let-go of the Grouts suppliers. Funny isn’t it? But not so when you’d realize that the Grouts suppliers are 99% from Al Ramadi region!!

In the end, neither the Taekwondo team nor the Grouts suppliers turned up, and it was just another exciting day in our democratic shack.

More on the Abu Der’ra as the drama continues in our next episode, brought to you by Big Brother.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Exclusive – Part II

Dear readers,

In part I we have given you the chance to read a letter that showed some of the people’s names and their work places as well as the terrible things that they have done during and after the invasion. The fact of the matter is that the person who wrote this letter is not part of the FIF or perhaps hasn’t even seen Mr. Ahmed Al Jalabi in person. And the attributed crimes mentioned in his letter for all we know are plane false.

Letters as such are being written and circulated by bogus communists and/or baathists who were once financed by Saddam Hussein. They write under different names to the general public to implicate those who are under scorned. Also, they use the general public as a proxy for their goals.

The faux-letter sender hasn’t got a shred of evidence to what happened to the FIF, or how the Al a’ameh bridge had fallen apart, and just how many foreign experts work in Iraq. The people mentioned in the letter are simply being implicated as part of a hidden agenda.

This is another example of today’s Iraq; Iraq of chaos, confusion, misinformation, crime implication, occupation and disarray.

In other news:

An Al Qaeda document released to the press by the Iraqi government to demonstrate plans to stir up tensions between the countries in the hope of triggering armed conflict..

... and even the government has its day!!!



Exclusive – Part I

Name: Withheld
Gender: Male
Job: Officer in the FIF (Free Iraqi Forces)
Objective: Witness to the crime against humanity committed by the FIF


I implore the decent citizens of Iraq to ask Dr. Ahmed Abdul Hadi Al Jalabi the following questions:

What happened to the 800 numbers of the FIF forces whom you have trained in the US, Poland, Israel and Hungary, and later were flown into the north of Iraq before the invasion, and ended up in Al Nasiriyah for a short time to join afterward Al Atakkah (people that buy old stuff from houses) in Baghdad along with the criminals that were let into the streets from their prisons by Saddam Hussein a year before the war, whom they had been later trained in a neighboring country to be ‘Police forces’.

During Al-a’ameh Bridge incident in Adhamiya you were there – because the criminal has to be near the crime site – and I was there too. You have orchestrated the whole scene yourself when you thought that the Shiites would turn against their brothers the Sunnis, and you figured that that was going to be the first spark of the sectarian war. You ordered Jaleel and his Death Squad members to plan this horrible incident. Jaleel operates from his dperatment in Khadmiya where he commits daily crimes against our brothers the Sunnis.

3. Why the Kurds have never been targeted by the death squads ever?!

Dear citizens of Iraq, I must admit that there are militias belong to other political parties who are killing the Arabs only of both Sunnis and Shiites. But the FIF forces headed by Ahmed Al Jalabi are the cancer of our future national army. Al Jalabi has personally worked out the dismantling of the Iraqi army and the police forces so Iraq will only rely on his FIF forces - with their foreign affiliations – and to be the core to all future forces.

Dear citizens of Iraq, the FIF have been integrated into the following forces: The New Iraqi Army, The National Guard, The New Iraqi Police, Magaweer Al Dakhliya, Estikhbarat Al Dakhliya, and the Special Forces (Death Squads)

Officer Fhadal– head of the Masaood Al Barazani guards, heads the Death Squads out of his offices at the Baghdad Airport. The Responsibility of the Death Squads is given to nearly 700 nos. of foreign elites specialized in the war against terrorism, and they were first stationed at Dept in Khadimiya, Baghdad.

Below, are the names of some of the Death Squads members who have committed thousands of killings against our brothers the Sunnis and the Shiites:

1. Ahmed Al Jalabi – Muslim Arab, Baghdad

2. Aras Habib– Muslim Kurd, Baghdad

3. Hukkar Ahmed Ali– Muslim Kurd, Baghdad

4. Haiman Ahmed – Muslim Kurd, Baghdad

5. Haider Mousawi – Muslim Arab, Baghdad

6. Stanley (Al Jalabi’s personal aid) – Jewish American, Baghdad

7. Colonel David – Jewish Israeli, Baghdad

8. Ahmed Kareem (responsible for Al Jadderiya Shelter and is called Engineer

9. Ahmed) - Muslim Iranian.

10. Hussein Kamal (Deputy Interior minister) – Muslim Kurd

11. Fhadal Jameel (head of Masaood Al Barazani guards and head of the Death Squad) - Muslim Kurd

12. Army Colonel Jaleel (head of Death Squad Dept in Khadmiya) Muslim Arab

13. Shourash Hama Sharif (hire to kill) Muslim Kurd

14. Jawad Rumi – Muslim Arab, the old Difa’a Bldg.

15. Muhammed Jawad – Muslim Arab, the old Difa’a Bldg

16. Moyad Hamid Abdul Mahaison (CIA) – Muslim Arab

17. Taha Yasin Muslim Arab

18. Nadeem Ibraheem Hajim– Muslim Arab, Al Kifah, Baghdad

19. Attia Abu Haider – Muslim Arab, Baghdad

20. Yarub Al Mash-hadani (spy for the Death Squad) – Muslim Arab, Baghdad

21. Muhammed Saddam Muslim Arab, the presidential palace, Baghdad

… to be continued

Thursday, June 15, 2006



Dear Readers,

The goddesses of Ishtar have decided to close the comments section until further deliberation with the God Shamash.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No way Jose

Yo, Jose, we don’t want illegal aliens sneaking through our borders and take our jobs away! Haven’t you heard of visas?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Not down that road Mr. Prime Minister

Al Tarrar:

BC has been quite disturbed by the ill-advised decision of Mr. Al-Malaki to announce the death of Al-Zarqawi simultaneously and a little before the introduction of the remaining of the ‘civil’ cabinet ministers.

We would have much rather seen the PM delaying the news of Al-Zarqawi death a day or two instead of stigmatizing our social order with anomalies, and morphing the celebration of civilities as a symbolic alternative to criminality and not as a transcendence to our great civilization. This kind of conduct had already been employed in concept by both governments of Ahmed Hassan Al Bakar & Saddam Hussein back in the seventies. It would have been pertinent if the PM had drawn history’s examples of our great mothers and fathers than taint the moment with impurities, while being surrounded with ambassadorial bureaucracies and khakis uniforms.

Dear PM, we live with children whose rights are just as equal in knowing the realities. And when Al-Zarqawi has been turned into some icon – similar to Abu Al-Tubar 30 years ago – then we have the uphill task to explain to our children how did this man end up in our country - and I am sure you have your own version for that, which will further increase the animosities.

Perhaps Al-Zarqawi’s effigy could pass as a joke in other countries, but in ours it's a daily fear because our nation, just in case you forgot, lives out side the Green Zone!

Two days ago streets fliers were thrown in Al-yarmok district – neighboring to Al-Mansour and Adawoody (the most dangerous part of Baghdad) to warn the residents that 250 children will be abducted and slaughtered to avenge Al-Zarqawi death. This is what happens when you immortalize vile deeds by brining them under a memorable spotlight.

So far, Mr. Al-Malaki, you have been groping blindly and without any philosophies or clear agenda, but we truly hope you will refrain from going farther down that road.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dear Prime Minister, your minister is no good


The letter published on AL-Nhrain’s web site [the news expressed at Al-Nahrain’s site does not reflect BC’s views] which is signed by group of residents of Hai Al-Qhoudat (Hai Huteen) and addressed to Mr. Al-Malaki is an amplification of some examples pertaining the Iraqi inner-social amalgam from the days before the invasion, and how the post-2003 era is a squabble to realities that are based on previous analogies as well as methodologies.

The pre-2003 government took its time to subdue the Fallujans, and they did it through intricate channels and convoluted tribal maze that involved assailment, relocation and alliances. As a result some of the more equal Fallujan beneficiaries sought residents in Baghdad in a district called Hai AL Qhoudat along with some Ramadians (Ramadi), where they took up on contracting projects for the government on preferential bases. Most of those projects were part of what was called then the Explosion Development Plan that entailed a 5 years scheme to develop the country through the means of petroleum revenues. Consequently, those Fallujans had acquired a fortune. Saddam was quoted saying of the Fallujans: “they wore thongs and we made them wear shoes!”

During and right after the invasion of Baghdad the Fallujans and the Ramadians as well as other westerners (west of Iraq) who resided in Hai Al Qhoudat adopted mouqawama (mujahdeen - resistance) ideology towards the invaders independently and unchecked by a central government. When Mr. Bremer introduced the governing counsel and a little later commenced in building a pro-US Iraqi military body, the ideology for the Fallujans and the Ramadians amongst others had ramified disproportionately to what is called ‘insurgency’ and sectarian warfare engagement. The result was mayhem.

The aforementioned letter – not dated, commences by referring to the PM’s choice for the Ministry for Culture Mr. Asaad Kamal Al Hashimi as a terrorist and a ‘little Zarqawi’. And then the letter unveils the history of ‘Sheikh’ Asaad Kamal Al Hashimi – native of Haditha, who was in Saudi Arabia for sometimes, but right after the fall of Baghdad he returned home to be the Imam of Ali’s mosque in Hai Al Qoudhat where he fostered the Mujahdeen in the district (later are referred to as terrorists and Takfiris) to take up arms and commit horrendous crimes that were financed by Saudi money such as the murdering of Mr. Al Alousy’s sons after his infamous trip to Israel, also, to engage in horrible sectarian cleansing operation from rogue places such as a well-known clinic, with the help of accomplices like Al Hadj Al Zawbai and Sheikh Jamal of Thou Al-Nourain mosque.

The letter includes some extraordinary list of detailed crimes (names and places) - car bombings, point-blank killings, assassinations, kidnappings and ransoms, coerced re-relocations etc. allegedly committed by Mr. Asaad Al Hashimi (and amongst many others like the PM Deputy Mr. Al Jabouri!!) ‘whose hands are drenched in blood’ as mentioned, and who - Mr. Al Hashimi - was constantly encouraging Mujahdeen at the mosque where he preached to attack the police forces and the ‘pagan guards’ (as he allegedly named the national guards). However, the letter indicates how Mr. Al Hashimi had fled the district at some point when the ‘heroic Al Magaweer forces – not specified’ tried to apprehend him after the killing of Mr. Al Alousy’s sons, but later Mr. Al Hashimi came back and struck even harder on the citizens of the districts.

The letter closes by vowing to bring people who have their hands drenched in blood to justice, and offering witnesses to the crimes of Mr. Asaad Al Hashimi, and supplicates the PM to sack Mr. Al Hashimi and open new police stations to curb the violence in the Qhoudat area.

The most intriguing part of the correspondence is pinpointed in the list of the alleged crimes when it unravels the power struggle between today’s Iraq power hubs. As it talks of the urgent complain that was once brought by the residents of Hai Al-Qhudat to the government attention – to a military official, Mr. Abdul Jalil Zaidan - of certain crimes that were being carried out by another ‘terrorists-sympathizer’ & military official of a lower rank, Mr. Mohmmed Al-Nuaimi. The residents were snubbed back when Mr. Zaidan said he couldn’t help because Mr. Al-Nuaimi - of a lower rank - is backed by the Americans - the highest authority! (a pre-2003 standard)

This insight look into this evolving malicious and vile social & geopolitical paradigm, which is drawn from known & pre-existing Iraqi structured patterns, and combined with the presence of foreign invaders, can only demonstrate the complexity of the problem, which truly gives an image of some ugly termites eating their way right into the very fine tissues of our societies. But in the end, as it has always been and will always be that the women and children are the sole victims.

And this is just one letter!

Friday, June 09, 2006

What a joke!

The other day I had a bit of an extra time to read about the trial of the war-defeated Saddam; how the witnesses are being kept behind curtains, the stand off between the prosecutors and the defendants – finger-pointing, smirking, pouting, gesturing, shrugging bellicosely .. you know, the sort of things that Bush does when he’s crisscrossed. And of course the latest judge who reminds me of the classic series of Hadji Radi and Abousy in Under the Barber’s Blade (only Iraqis will dig that one) especially that Arabic class teacher when he scolds elderly students ...hey you, why you’ve stuck your nose? and you, what made you jump on like that? and yes you, ooouuuuttt (Barraaaahhh) And along these lines I began to laugh and I’ve even conjured up few jokes that cracked me up, which made think of how we the Baghdadis have such embracing sense of humor. We actually can make jokes of everyone if there is a cause beyond reasonable doubt just so we can be egalitarian.

But unlike the pot-head Egyptian jokes, which require certain ‘allo ya oummem’ mood, ours would certainly leave indelible life-time smiles - unless we’re tipsy then the jokes could leave some lasting scars! And the jokes are full of cute slang that keep us united, but the shrewd ones are the best, like this one: when one day the Ottoman governor in Baghdad was so perplexed about how could the Baghdadis figure the news of the Sultan in Istanbul before his personal messenger brings it to him, he ordered his messenger to bring no news from the Sultan to see what happens. And the governor was effectively told that the Baghdadis say there is no news today from the Sultan! The governor gets so frustrated and reined the Mukhtar in (a neighborhood rep.) to shed some lights on this mystery, and the Mukhtar told him that when the messenger brings news he would walk brazenly, sits at one or two cafés to have a tea or Shisha, talks a bit and then he goes off. This time the messenger zoomed passed us hurriedly, which was obvious he brought nothing from the Sultan!

The zillions of SMS jokes I receive every week can really make my day – with all due respect to minorities and patriotic factions ‘min bab al mahabeh’ & democracy! And for some reason the night time is the best time for us to enjoy our good jokes – when the metabolism slows down. Perhaps it is the best way to laugh the hard day off so we can go to our beds all cleansed, rinsed and content, hoping for a nice dream before the inevitable dusty big-bang wake-up alarm.

Then later I remembered how Saddam had executed a few men who joked about him, and I really got upset. Now why would anyone kill someone for telling a joke? It’s a joke for god’s sake (Like how Layla Al-attar was blown up by a US missile for drawing caricature of Bush’s father’s face at Al- Rasheed’s entrance) I know Iraqis can get perturbed, cuss, swear, and emulate over bad jokes but to kill then it has to be some sick mind’s joke. And that crime angered me more than the Dujail case. And I thought if there was one reason to prosecute Saddam it had to be for having executed people who told jokes. I can just imagine: Saddam is found guilty for joke crimes!! Then I laughed and I said: ‘what a joke’.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Caesar’s Decree!

Security Source:

Today Mr. Hakim Tahkik - one of the prosecutors in Saddam’s trial has been found dead in the Green Zone. Autopsy shows traces of poison.

God bless his soul


Totem of the month!

It was today 25 years ago when the Israeli Air Forces bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor for electricity to a permanent damage.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Last Dinner…. Qouzi?! Ummm.. Bon appetite


The ex-PM Mr. Jaafari has thrown in a farewell dinner party 4 days ago in the GZ, complete with acolytes and alter serviettes for the female staff only!

The food included mashawi (meat and chicken kebab), smoked fish, delicious rice and Qouzi (large portion of roasted lamb stuffed with oily rice) and served with salads and Irbil yogurts.

Here goes the diet!

On a different note, today we have no problem with 666 over here, we only have 555! After all, who said Iraq was not a cool place?

The latest on Al-Zarqawi?...head to a movie theater near you

Al Tarrar:

As the custom goes to tune in to Al Jazeera for the latest on Bin laden & the Afghan’s prairies so as to stay tuned to Al Jazeera’s archrival - Uncle Sam - for the latest on Al Zarqawi ‘between the two rivers’ (as we have seen him in his latest clip in rare form and in Air Jordan Sneakers, excitedly attempting ‘Lara Croft’ style shooting spree).

As per Al-hayat a few American web sites have published unsigned letter addressed to Al Zarqawi, which was intercepted by the Pentagon (conveniently just before the anticipated American military operation in Ramadi) to explicitly calls for the assassinations of heads of tribes in the Ramadi area (without the prior consent of Majlis Al Shura in the Mesopotamia) who will cooperate with the invaders’ forces, and then blame the Americans and the shiites for it!!

Apparently, Majlis Al Shura in the Mesopotamia has to approve the assassinations prior to their acts. Also, the mentioned intercepted letter – dated a few months back – recommends the assassinations of sheikh Al g’ood, sheikh Al gharbeet, sheikh Nata’h, Mr. Al Rawi and Dr. Mohd. Latif - most have been killed or attempted against their lives during the past months.

The letter, also, implicates the tribe of Albu Fahad as Al Qaeda collaborators when the mentioned tribe was coerced to submission after the assassination of their leader sheikh Nasr Al Fahdawi.

Let’s see; what would I do if I were a sheikh in Ramadi and find myself between two choices, one is at risk of being whacked by someone with the name of Zarqawi and the other is at risk of being whacked by someone with the name of John? Well, perhaps there is someone by the name of Saddam who could save my day, and maybe this is what’s coming down to.

For God’s Sake, Uncle Sam, we’ve already seen this movie - this miasma, and even we find it rather corny. But we’re all teeth and nail for the release of the Da Vinci Code!

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Netherworld’s whispers of Dawoody

The Dawoody district - a residential area located west of Baghdad and adjacent to the well-known Al Mansour district, is a respectable residential area where the rate of house rents is higher than any other. Back in the 70's part of Dawoody was sold mainly to the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After the invasion of 2003 and during the last 3 years many families of Dawoody have gone abroad. And many have rented their houses abruptly, and in short time Dawoody became notorious for being one of the most dangerous areas in Baghdad.

A lot of rouge houses are being occupied by anonymous men who are not to be recognized twice! Many of the houses are empty during the daylight – no families, no children and at night men show up in those desolate streets and go into the houses stealthily.

Some of the houses are rented as companies, unknown companies and never heard of before, where many people would come and go and then later disappear and never to be seen again. These companies’ sudden vanishing has occurred a few times and especially after a major event… killing event! Like what happened to AL Ibtikar co. – a company with a link to the UN’s employees contractors office.

AL Ibtikar was attacked in broad daylight. And all the employees were killed right on the spot but on that same day, and before the killing took place, the anonymous inhabitants of 2 nearby rouge houses disappeared permanently.

Every morning the residents are being terrorized by one or two dead bodies found in their streets. People there think that these houses are kidnappers’ dens and their tenants are terrorists. And no one can do anything about it.

But where can the residents of Dawoody go and report this hellish ordeal; the government, the police, the national guards, the invaders or the honorable resistance?!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

WHO wants us to leave this country?!

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Dear commentators and readers,

The email sender has kindly requested the delete of this post.

We apologize for the inconveniences and thank you for your patience

Al Tarrar

6610 = 1,447,590,000.00 !

BC – GZ watch:

After a session of brainstorming (and perhaps oracular consultation) the Iraqi parliament has finally come up with working module to safe guard the future of Iraq permanently, it is 6610!

What is 6610? It is the number of foreign personal guards that have been assigned for the 275 members of the parliament; 20 personal guards for each parliament member, and 30 personal guards for each minister. Bearing in mind the personal guard in today’s Iraq earns USD 600/day.

If we run some third grade math we find out that the cost of those guards is USD 1,447,590,000.00 per year!

BC believes that if the security situation remains as such for the next 3 years -costs approx. USD 4.5 Billion – then it would be enough for each of the 275 members of the parliament to enjoy the luxurious
Space Tourism with the ex-soviet Russian Space Agency.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hassoon AL Amriki!

Hassoon AL Amriki!

Al Tarrar – GZ Watch:

His name is Daniel Speckhart and he is at the level of American Ambassador in the Green Zone. He has often spoken of the unsubstantiated evidence of the severe health effects caused by the use of the Depleted Uranium. Today he is the head of Iraq reconstruction, and his mental stimulus is propped up along this line of thought: “This is a big challenge. There's been more than 30 years of decay and neglect (in Iraq)” Speckhart 2005.

In the above picture (first from right with specs!) he is shown at a power plant in Kirkuk in the beginning of 2006, vowing a 12 hours/day of power to be resorted to the Iraqis by summer 2006. Today is summer. And we have a mere 3 hours/day of ‘restored’ electricity.

Speckhart says from now on Iraqis should seek finance (sort of beg) for the rebuilding of the their country from the Arabian Gulf states, and they (Iraqis) should not expect to have what we have in the US overnight!

Frankly, mister Speckhart, we really couldn’t care less to have what you have in the US ever, that’s to say crooks. The last thing Iraq needs is an Enron vision

We call upon the Iraqi government (under occupation) to revoke this man’s diplomatic status and send him home packing.

Two things happen when you host a pig; your house will smell and the pig will enjoy it.

If our engineers had been risking their lives for the past three years, and for peanuts pay to help the country stands back on its feet was not good enough, then the hell with it.

This time let’s bring the Chinese in to help us setting up one of their epic projects and we will pay them with our own money (our Oil money). If we had done so since that picture was taken, then by now we would have REALLY had the power back on.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The shriveled Wheat seeds of Abu Ghraib

The Editor of the Ecologist Magazine of Britain Mr. Jeremy Smith has recently written a most worrisome article about the ill-fate grafting globalization of Iraq’s agricultural sector, and the problem of the US companies patent seeds:

“The Iraqis were distinguished by the improvement of the productivity and the natural hybridization. They had exchanged the experiences and the knowledge with their neighbors. Their seeds were adjusted and pollinated in changeable of the nature and the circumstances, and coexisted in many variations that all harmonized with the local needs.

In the seventies the Iraqi government gathered this huge inheritance in ‘the National Bank of Seeds’ in Abu Ghraib when the Iraqi farmers used their local seeds by the ratio of 97 % according to their rightful general ‘intellectual property’ - coincidently one of the seeds variations was named the Wheat Seeds of Abu Ghraib - and the trend carried on until the commencement of the occupation in 2003 when the deterioration has taken its toll on the agricultural sector.

The late military governor Paul Bremer had found the opportunity suitable for an American style agricultural restructuring that eliminates the right of the general intellectual property for the local seeds, and allows the US seeds companies to ‘teach’ the local farmers the rediscovery of Wheat growing based on commercial patents!

Although the US disputes Iraq’s huge Wheat production capabilities prior to the occupation, but as per FAO Iraq’s wheat production had trickled from 1236 thousand tons in 1995 down to 348 thousand tons by 2000 due to the prolongation of the harsh economic sanctions and the geopolitical instabilities at that time.

And indeed in mid 2004 Mr. Bremer has introduced [in line with UPOV policies] clause # 81 concerning the intellectual property for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants but not the biodiversity of plants, which automatically phase out the Iraqi local seeds. UPOV generally specify new, well-measured and symmetrical types of seeds, which make the US seeds companies a few of the sole suppliers for the Iraqi local farmers. The local seeds will not be graded or even accepted by the UPOV seeds criteria due to their organic biodiversity with their natural surroundings, which will make them look old and 'deformed!' But in reality they are the best option there is for the Mesopotamia. But with the new laws, the local farmers will be forced to buy ‘cool’ looking ‘patent’ seeds, which will eventually pollute the natural environment, and will force the local farmers to buy them anew every year; conversely, they will not be able to use their local seeds ever if they were naturally pollinated - and they will be - by the patented seeds [Free Market!!]

And in line with the reconstruction policy of Iraq the US has installed an ace or a guru for every ministry there is to implement the mechanism of the global markets and democracy, which coincidentally happened that most of those gurus are working for the notorious Bearing Point company - a company that works pretty closely with the White House and the Pentagon!

The [occupying forces] have distributed the patent seeds in Mosul as part of humanitarian aids – similar to those in the poor Latin American countries.

But where do those humanitarian aids come from? According to ‘The Business Journal of Phoenix’ a huge Arizona based company by the name of ‘World Wide Wheat Company’ (WWWC) that coordinates with research and development departments in three US universities, is the sole supplier of Wheat seeds to Iraq. However, and as per the Seedquest (WWWC) are major trade cartel of varieties of ‘patent’ seeds! Which hitherto have provided 6 kinds of seeds to the Iraqi farmers.

Once the Iraqi farmers commence in planting those patent seeds then there will be no U-turn. Those patent seeds will eventually hybridize [pollute] the surrounding local seeds, which will make those local seeds protected intellectual property of the giant patent seeds companies, and that will force the Iraqi farmer to buy foreign seeds every year with the ‘appropriate’ fertilizers, and in a few years the expenses will surpass the returns, which means the end of the Wheat farming in the Mesopotamia.

The newly elected Iraqi government [under occupation] is considering a request for the withdrawal of the [occupying forces]. It is pertinent to consider a request for the withdrawal of those patent seeds companies before it’s too late, and to reestablish ‘the National Bank of Seeds’ in Abu Ghraib as it is a natural Iraqi agricultural heritage. Samples of the Iraqi seeds can be obtained from ‘the Center for Agricultural Research the Dry Area' in Syria or from ‘Focus on the Global South’ in Thailand.”

BC calls upon the appropriate Iraqi ministry to heed and act accordingly.

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